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This Week On Ted McGrath…

Here’s what happened on Ted McGrath this week…

1. Stand In Your Value | How To Price Your Service According To Its Worth

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Many coaches, speakers, service-based practitioners, celebrities, and artists create programs and enroll clients, and yet they are still not happy about the situation. I know why: they don’t feel the value. They usually under-charge and don’t know how to attract dream clients. In the end, they spend a lot of time chasing them and being worried about the next month’s income. Let me tell you how you can overcome this problem in three points. Here is how to price your service based on your worth… Click to read more

2. Live Events | How To Get High Quality People To Attend

This Week On Ted McGrath...
When I started in the live events business, one of my biggest challenges was getting people to attend my seminars. If you are new to this business, you might be able to relate to me. One of the mistakes I made was focusing on online marketing systems to gain an audience. I may be using a lot of online marketing in my business now, but that’s not how I should have started. I am going to teach you the strategies I used, so you can get your own seminar attendees within 120 days… Click to read more

3. Networking Live Events | Strategies To Pack Your Events

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Contrary to popular belief, the success of networking live events do not depend on the number of attendees it gathers. Drawing in large crowds is great, but your success actually lies on who your crowd is. I have learned effective strategies to pack my live events with high-quality people as an experienced public speaker and event organizer. Allow me to share with you multiple strategies that can benefit you greatly… Click to read more

4. Why Small Events Lead To Profitable Outcomes

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Today I want to talk to you about why small events lead to profitable outcomes. A lot of people say you have to do a big event and get lots of people in the seminar room to actually be profitable. While having lots of people in the seminar room is good, it’s just not true that’s the key to being profitable. The first thing you need to do is not to fill a room but to actually do it: hold a seminar or an event… Click to read more

5. How To Sell from the Stage in 7 Steps

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Are you interested in knowing how to sell a product online? Has anyone ever asked you, “Convince me to buy this pen?” There’s an art to selling — especially on stage. These steps are meant to convert your audience while on the stage, but you’ll also pick up valuable lessons on how to offer anything at anytime to your target market… Click to read more

What public speaking techniques have you learned this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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