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We’re called to do more than just build a business. And we’re called to do more than just follow our passions. We must stretch and grow into the people capable of achieving the dreams we have.

That’s what Ted’s programs are designed to do. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, artist-to-be or anywhere in between, Ted has a program or resource that will give you the skills, training, knowledge and inspiration you need to grow your platform, build your financial knowledge, market yourself to the masses, and sell your products and services beyond what you can achieve on your own…

All while impacting millions.

But take NOTE…

This information is NOT designed for you if you want to stay in your lane, if you believe rules were made to be followed, or if you’re happy with the status quo.

Because Ted’s community is filled with


Work With Us
Work With Us

and all of those that are tired of the golden handcuffs handed to them by tradition and “the way things are done.”

Here, you’ll find people who believe that We Are What We Dream – and everything here is designed to help you pursue your passions and your own success… withOUT worrying about what your industry says they can or cannot achieve.

If you’re ready to step into new possibilities and discover how you can create your own future…


For coaches, speakers, experts and service providers who want TO SPREAD YOUR STORY, MESSAGE, AND PRODUCTS TO MILLIONS.

What if YOUR story was the catalyst for the change you want to see in your industry or world? What if your message helped others achieve their dreams and truly fulfill their purpose… while helping you reach yours?

Your personal story AND MESSAGE has the power to transform millions of lives… and make you an incredible amount of money in the process. Your story AND MESSAGE can influence millions, help you close high-paying clients, and create multiple streams of revenue in your business WHILE DOUBLING YOUR INCOME AND YOUR FREE TIME.

Let’s build your DREAM together…

Speak to Millions and Make Millions through Stages, Live or Virtual Events, Podcasts, and Webinars (while growing a massive audience and doubling your income).

If you are a speaker, expert, coach, consultant, service business or entrepreneur who wants to reach millions and make millions through speaking online or in person stages then this event is for you.

Welcome to the world of digital money and how bitcoin and bitcoin mining can transform your business and wealth.

If you’re looking for an exclusive opportunity to get involved in bitcoin mining and capitalize on bitcoin for your future, your wealth and your business growth, then fill out a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify for this special opportunity

For When You Need The Courage & Confidence To Go For Your Dreams…

A one man play on my life story where I play 12 characters and take you on my journey from overdosing from drugs to discovering who I am and living my dreams. 

When was the first time YOU ever wondered… Am I Good Enough?

And how long has that fear – that thought in the back of your mind – been robbing you of the happiness and opportunity that’s in front of you… if only you feel capable of taking it? How long have you held yourself back from achieving more because you simply don’t feel like you’ve got what it takes?

You Are Good Enough.

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Work With Us

“The passion, the story telling is outrageously fine. It’s completely compelling” 

Joel Zwick

Director of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Full House etc.

Work With Us

“Good Enough is a truly inspirational, life changing experience.”

James Barbour

Broadway’s Phantom in The Phantom of The Opera

Upcoming Dates

At the Speak to Millions Event Dec 8-11th in Tampa, Florida

For Artists and Artists-To-Be That Are Ready To Take The World By Storm…

Your creativity deserves to be showcased to the world without impossible obstacles to overcome. You deserve to be successful withOUT the hoops the establishment requires you to jump through.

You deserve to create your own brand, your own platform, your own financial success.

Got Dreams is a digital platform to build your creative skills, find and collaborate with other creatives, reach your ideal audience, and learn what you need to take control of your finances SO YOUR ART CAN REACH TENS HUNDREDS or EVEN MILLIONS

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