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Sales Funnel End Goal Guide

What is your sales funnel end goal?

(Not sure what a sales funnel even is? It’s the condensed journey of visitors as they move from strangers to your potential customers. It’s essentially what you build your processes around to gain sales and profits.)

But aside from profits, there should be an end goal — why you created a business in the first place. What is your goal behind all this?

In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to create your products and then how to actually get that product out to hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions of people because we’re here to make an impact. Before we get started, it’s time to envision the end goal of your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel End Goal: Living The Dream

In this guide you will read:

  1. Sales Funnel Builder: Build With Passion
  2. Sales Funnel Service: Love Builds Funnels
  3. Increase Funnel Conversion Rate By Scaling
  4. Funnel Theory Psychology Begins With You
  5. Sales Funnel End Goal: Creating the Lifestyle You Want
  6. Sales Funnel End Goal: Making a Positive Impact
  7. Sales Funnel End Goal: Make Your Funnel By Beginning With The End

Sales Funnel Builder: Build With Passion

What we’re really creating for you in bringing people into your funnel is a place for your business to capture lots of email addresses to grow your list, converting them to buyers who make those low-tier buying decisions and therefore getting lots of buyers into your network.

Well, ultimately that’s the beginning. It’s kind of like the waterfall rushing in on the funnel. You have lots of leads. You have lots of buyers that are coming in, so where do you want to take these people? What’s your goal?

Really this is what your passion is. What’s the ultimate passion for you? It’s easy sometimes to get lost in a sales funnel and lose sight of what your passion is, what you really want to do. I’ll share with you some of my end goals and give you some options.

Number one for me, one of my primary end goals, is that I want to actually fill my seminars more. About four years ago I was primarily just a seminar business. I was speaking on stages. I was running around and networking at events and getting people to my events. I got my business to three-quarters of a million dollars with seminars only.

Sales Funnel Service: Love Builds Funnels

Sales Funnel Service: Love Builds Funnels | Sales Funnel End Goal Guide

But quickly I realized I couldn’t scale. I couldn’t scale that seminar business because I didn’t have any online marketing. There’s only so many networking events I could go to. There’s only so many stages I could speak on. I just realized I don’t want to spend the rest of my life traveling around the world because I have to. I want to do stuff because I want to.

I realized I had to get in this online game and had to start understanding it more. The reason I’ve created my online Product to Millions funnels is I want to get more people into my seminars.

Now, here’s the funny thing. The last two years I’ve taken my eye off my seminar business. I have just as many people coming to my seminars now as I did two, three, four years ago. It’s kind of crazy, right? However, our revenue has tripled.

So how is this all possible, and why is filing my seminars one of my goals?

Simple, because I love it. Part of the joy is being in proximity to people, bringing them into my seminar room, creating a deeper transformation over this four day period and really serving them in a big way. That proximity, that relationship that I develop with my customers is important.

Another goal of my funnel is coaching. I have a team of coaches now. I also deliver mastermind programs, and I’d like to be in proximity with a smaller group of people who pay much higher pricing than a seminar, so they invest bigger dollars. But they’re the more serious people that I like to be around. They’re what I call the leaders. I want to be surrounded by those leaders and helping them create the transformation that they desire.

So getting my coaching, being in proximity to me, is important to me and it’s important that I work with the leaders closely. This Product to Millions funnel, one of the goals is eventually getting people on the list, getting buyers and then sifting through to see who are the serious people that want to come to my seminars and also join my coaching programs. It’s important to me.

Those are two goals that are important to me. You might be reading this and say, “Well Ted, I’m not a speaker.” That’s fine. You don’t need to be. You might be going, “I’m not a coach. That’s not a goal of mine,” or you might go, “I’m a coach. I want to fill coaching programs, don’t want to do seminars.” Totally up to you.

Increase Funnel Conversion Rate By Scaling

When I say coaching programs I say masterminds, which is a group format. When I say coaching programs it’s one on one coaching and some of you who are more brand new might just want to start with one on one because you’re more comfortable. But eventually you’ll probably want to elevate into group masterminds because it leverages more times, creates a powerful community, and it’s more fun for somebody like me who likes to be in front of audiences. So seminars, coaching, two goals.

A third goal that’s really developed more for me recently is to create this ecosystem of products. I call it an elevation model, to where customers are coming into the Product to Millions funnel. They’re buying but I’m elevating them online to make bigger purchase decisions. That third goal for me is getting lots of online buyers and being able to build a sustainable cash flow business to where I’m making lots of money off of my online products.

Like, I have my Message to Millions brand. I have my Superstar Speaker brand. I have an Achiever brand that I’m launching. I have a theater show that I also do. I have all these different brands, so it’s bringing customers into the Product to Millions funnel that I’m going to teach you how to build, but then elevating them to buy more and more products that cash flows my business, gets more serious buyers, creates greater transformation for my customers, and then eventually from the online space I can elevate them into the coaching and seminar programs.

Those three areas are three goals for me. It’s coaching programs, get them into that, get them into my seminar programs, get them into more of my online programs as well. Those three things combined create a really robust model for me, so it’s one of my end goals.

Funnel Theory Psychology Begins With You

I should say those are three of my end goals right there that I shared with you. I’m going to share another one with you because as you start to think about this I want you to understand the possibility of what is your end goal and what you can dream up.

I have some dreams and one of the great dreams involves my theater show. I have this one-man show that I do on my life story, and I play 15 characters up on stage, and I do this show for 75 minutes. Three years ago I had this dream of doing it and I did it. I do it at all my seminars. My clients come in from all over the world.

We have this amazing time together and they see my story, my life story, called Good Enough. It’s my journey in the life of not feeling good enough, my search for meaning and truth. Good Enough is just this awesome, awesome story and I love it.

Part of creating my Product to Millions funnel and creating this whole machine that is generating leads and buyers is I can fill my theater shows. I’ve done shows in front of four, five hundred people before on other people’s stages. I’ve done them with my audiences with 150 people, and I’m utilizing my Product to Millions funnel to fill these actual shows. Imagine that, right? Not just stuff in this industry, but the entertainment industry. I’m moving all the leads and all the customers. I’m then filtering them into this other industry that I’m part of to grow my audience and grow my impact. It’s another goal, right?

Deciding on the end goal of your funnel is important because it’s important that we hold a vision of what we really want to create. Sometimes people go, “Oh, the technology and the sales pitches and the sales copy…” Those are just the things that need to be done so that ultimately you can serve humanity and ultimately can serve your greater purpose, and you can do the things that you love.

Sales Funnel End Goal: Creating the Lifestyle You Want

Let’s think about lifestyle. One of the other goals for me of creating this funnel … I got a lot of goals, right? You should write down yours, too. One of the other goals for me is being able to run my business anywhere in the world.

If I’m speaking on seminar stages all the time and I have to travel around to speak on stages, I don’t have freedom. If I’m sitting here in my place in Los Angeles and I’m shooting a product right now where it’s 40 seconds from where I live, and I’m marketing online 24/7 around the clock. People are buying my programs without me ever showing up. They’re making purchase decisions just watching my sales videos that play over and over again. Essentially, I never have to show up in my business.

I have that lifestyle, I have that freedom, I have that abundance of clients, and I have that impact that I’m so after and I so want. That’s what I’ve created in my business already, and now I’m just scaling it.

What is the end goal for you? Why are you creating this? It’s really important. What I want you to do right now is write down your goals.

I gave you the business goals that you can look at to recap like you want to sell more online products. You want to sell coaching. You want to sell speaking, sell your seminars, sell tickets to your live events. Those are three business areas, but then it goes beyond that.

Sales Funnel End Goal: Making a Positive Impact

Sales Funnel End Goal: Making a Positive Impact | Sales Funnel End Goal Guide

I want you to look into the next section of not just business, but then you look at passion. Your passions, your dreams, what is that? What are your passions and your dreams, things that you’ve always dreamed of? Having an audience and having a community allows that.

Then even below that for me, it’s like, impact, contribution, what I’m giving back to the world with Drug-Free World and spreading that message. At my seminars, we raise money for the foundation. We’re spreading the message to help people in the world that are suffering and struggling with drugs and to spread the truth about it to them.

I have these business goals, I have these passion and dream goals, and I have these impact and contribution goals. What are yours? Take a moment to write them down.

What’s the end goal of your funnel from a business perspective? Is it to sell more online programs, sell more coaching, sell seminars? The cool thing is you don’t need to create all of this now. It’s just a map for you to get clear on what you want. Second is your passion, your dreams. Let’s not forget about this. If you have an audience, you have dreams. Some people have dreams and they can’t get in front of people. They got nothing. Doing this and selling products and getting people on your email list, that’s the purpose of Product to Millions. It’s huge. Your dreams can come true.

Then third, never forget about contribution. My primary reason for doing this is a contribution. I want to give back and I want to take greater responsibility in the world. What’s it for you? What’s the contribution that you want to make?

Sales Funnel End Goal: Make Your Funnel By Beginning With The End

Write down your three goals. There will be times where you’re going to get into it and you’re going to be like, “Oh, this is challenging.” Things are only challenging when you don’t understand. The moment you understand them you all of a sudden get bright and you’re like, “Yeah.” I know this is the way it is for me. I get bright. I’m like, “I want more. I want to learn more.”

There will be times you’ll run out of steam. Let’s face it, creating an entire machinery so you can live the life you want takes a crap ton of work. That’s why you have to keep coming back to your “why” to refuel your motivation. In the beginning, when you’re creating your sales funnel, begin with the end in mind. That way, when the work becomes stressful and you feel like you’re way over your head, you think about your “why” and you’ll start chugging again. Like travelers who’ve found their stars.

What are your sales funnel end goals? Share yours and let’s talk how we might shape your process.

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