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What Goes Into Making Your Business a Success?

What goes into making your business a success?

I think there are three things that create a successful business.

Number one is you’ve got to have a big vision and big dreams. I believe that an entrepreneur, the CEO of a company, will expand in relation to the dreams they dream up. Every day, I wake up and I’m always thinking about my dreams. So having dreams is a really important thing to making a business succeed.

Number two is it’s a game. You’ve got to have a game to play. I just finished the launch. We did seven figures in this launch. Initially, it wasn’t going so well, we were losing the game. You look at the game and you go, “Okay, if I’m losing right now, what do I need to do to change it?” For me, it’s a game. I know until the game’s over. Until the whistle blows, it ain’t over. So I play it like a game.

The analogy is similar to that of sports. Just because you start poorly doesn’t mean you’re going to lose. Just because you have a hang up in the middle doesn’t mean you’re going to lose.

You’ve got to play it as a game and you’ve got to have some target to hit. When the whistle blows, did I win or did I lose? So, I play it as a game.

I think every entrepreneur has to play it as a game because you’ve got to have fun doing what you’re doing.

When you mix your dreams with the game and you don’t take business too seriously, I think a lot of times people take it as life or death or am I going to survive?

The truth of the matter is, you’re going to survive. You’ve been surviving all your life and, depending on your beliefs, maybe many lifetimes. You’re here.

You’re here.

Business isn’t whether I’m going to survive or not, I think you have to play the game and you have to play it to win. So have dreams, play it as a game, don’t take it too seriously.

The third thing is,  having an extraordinary group of people around you is what creates success in any business.

You can’t grow a business without a great team and you can’t grow a business without great clients and you can’t grow a business without great relationships.

So today, even though we have the internet, even though we have technology and things are changing rapidly, let’s not forget that people dream this stuff up. People direct this stuff. People strategize on this stuff.

Without great people communicating very effectively and communicating powerfully, and without having an aligned vision, a company doesn’t go anywhere.

If you’re here today and you’re not dreaming big enough for your business, dream a little bit of a bigger dream.

Second thing is, play the game. Have fun with the game, enjoy the game and play to win.

The third thing is to surround yourself with amazingly great people. I think too many times as entrepreneurs, we get isolated and we think we can do it all by ourselves and we forget about surrounding ourselves with great people. The truth is, nobody does it by themselves.

So remember these principles for the day. Hopefully, this will serve you.

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