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This Week On Ted McGrath…

Here’s what happened on Ted McGrath this week…

1. How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

This Week On Ted McGrath...
If you’re telling yourself right here right now “I lost my passion for life,” then let me share my story on how to become inspired. This post will give you a glimpse of my motivation or purpose as well as the struggles I went through. Most of all, it will show how you can also learn how to find inspiration in life and live it to its fullest potential… Click to read more

2. How To Have Courage Under Fire

This Week On Ted McGrath...
People often ask me, “What does courage mean?” I always have a very specific answer. Let me share about courage under fire. It is a type of bravery that goes beyond being able to face your fears. Courage under fire also touches on vulnerability and authenticity… Click to read more

3. 3 Essentials To Package, Structure, and Price Your Programs & Services

This Week On Ted McGrath...
How can you earn 6-digit revenue from your programs and services and build a lifestyle friendly business? I can teach you the essentials you need to package, structure and price your programs and services in order to generate a sizable income month after month. Let me help you share your message with your dream clients while having the freedom of time and freedom of money you need. All you need to do is share your own story… Click to read more

4. How to Become A Celebrity in The World Today

This Week On Ted McGrath...
How to become a celebrity in the world today? How to become not just a star but a new kind of celebrity. You might be thinking, what am I talking about? Initially, when I came up with this, I was thinking the same thing, like, what is the new celebrity today? I look around, and we see lots of celebrities, we see lots of famous people. The question is, who are they? And how do you really get to know somebody? Click to read more

5. Automated Webinar | 7 Best Practices To Create One

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Conducting an automated webinar is an efficient way to share information with your customers and add to your revenue at the same time. It is also convenient because you can engage with your audience remotely but still in real time. However, webinars done regularly can deplete your time and energy. A practical solution is to run an automated webinar instead… Click to read more

What business strategies have you learned this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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