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This Week On Ted McGrath…

Here’s what happened on Ted McGrath this week…

1. How To Get Clients In 30 Days Or Less

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Would you like to know how to get clients in a month or less? That’s not impossible as long as you follow the system I laid out for you. I have used this over and over to book thousands of dollars a month and hundreds of clients. They never fail. Let me show you how it’s done… Click to read more

2. 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making An Offer From The Stage

This Week On Ted McGrath...
If you’re struggling convincing people to follow your call to action, it’s time to know the three mistakes to avoid when making an offer. It’s possible you habitually commit them! But what are these mistakes, and what are the exact techniques on how to make the best offer? Click to read more

3. How To Find Your Message And Make An Impact In The World

This Week On Ted McGrath...
If you want to be an effective speaker, there’s one thing you should do first and foremost: find your message. You see, everyone can learn how to speak well with others and even inspire, but only a few can influence and make an impact. But how do you teach yourself how to speak better and clear? Click to read more

4. 9 Best Personal Growth Books You Should Read

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Some books are good to read, while there are the best personal growth books that do more than inspire you. They move you, they influence you, they transform you into a better version of yourself every single day. If you need more than a pick-me-up but a complete turnaround, invest in these best self-improvement books. Then don’t forget to forward these books for self-growth to your friends because they may also need some a little more push like you… Click to read more

5. What Is A Strategic Partnership? 5 Tips To Developing A Successful One 

This Week On Ted McGrath...

Thinking of putting up your own business or expanding your existing one? A strategic partnership is just what you may need! A strategic partnership is an arrangement with another business that aims to benefit both parties. Through this, you can gain support to achieve your own goals for your business while helping your partner do the same. This type of collaboration can save your time and resources. Here are five tips on how you can maximize strategic partnership benefits… Click to read more

What have you done for your self improvement this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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