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This Week On Ted McGrath…

Describe what you do or describe the product | How to Create a Sales Video that Sells

Here’s what happened on Ted McGrath this week…

1. Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

This Week On Ted McGrath...
To convert an ice cold prospect, you need just one thing: a deep personal connection. The moment you become relevant to them, they will begin to listen to you. Ultimately, you will learn how to convert ice cold prospects into customers – that is, they will start to pay money for your programs and even high-end offers. One of the most effective conversion-boosting strategies is my 4 S system… Click to read more

2. Create Profitable Live Events With Small Audience

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Can you truly create profitable live events with only a handful of attendees? That’s a big nod for me. I’ve done this countless times, and I am sure you can do it, too. But for that to happen, let me share my techniques that guarantee revenues despite the small audience… Click to read more

3. Expand Your Network or Community Offline These 3 Effective Ways

This Week On Ted McGrath...
A lot of marketers, life coaches, and entrepreneurs think they need to go online to expand their network. I disagree. If you want to establish a connection – a real, deep one that leads to a long-lasting relationship – you need to step out and meet people face-to-face. Here are three practical ways to do offline networking right… Click to read more

4. How to Create a Sales Video that Sells

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Your business must create a sales video. It’s inescapable. People like tuning into visuals in this day and age. You need to discover your message, shoot it, and show it in 3 minutes or less. Let me show you how… Click to read more

5. 7 Best Marketing Books You Should Read To Boost Your Business

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Whether you’re new in the business or running a conglomerate, you can benefit from the best marketing books. They can change your perspective, inspire you to know more about your market, innovate, and challenge and test your stock knowledge and ideas. In other words, these best marketing books of all time will be there to push you to be and to do better. So go hunt and buy these marketing books PDF options or go to Amazon and start reading and learning… Click to read more

What have you done for your self-improvement this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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