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Find Your Unique Selling Point: One Counterintuitive Change You Need To Implement

I have been in the sales industry for a very long time, and people often ask me, “How will I find my unique selling point that will make selling easy?” Don’t worry, I’ll get there — but before it happens, let me explain some things. First, sales is not for everyone, because not everyone has the ability to recognize selling points. You might be able to learn the principles of sales, but being good at putting them into action is another skill to be honed. Second, while it takes a lot of practice, it doesn’t have to be hard. Once you know how and you start selling, it will become the easiest thing to do in your business!

How To Find Your Unique Selling Point | Level Up Enrolled Clients

How will you find your unique selling point, you ask? One, you should not limit yourself to textbook-type selling techniques. They can be many, which makes them hard to remember and implement.

Second, you need to burst your fantasy bubble that feeds you these ideas:

  1.  There is only one method for you to succeed.
  2.  If you fail, you cannot bounce back anymore.

Granted, no single method, tool, or process will change things for you, I learned this in my more than 15 years of enrolling clients. And failing is not the end game. It will only be if you completely give up.

I found my unique selling point by doing one thing: leveling up the quality of people I’m enrolling.

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Why I Apply My Unique Selling Proposition

Why I Apply My Unique Selling Proposition | Find Your Unique Selling Point: One Counter Intuitive Change You Need To Implement

Yes, I found my unique selling point by working with the toughest crowds. The clients I am talking about are those with a net worth of a million dollars.

These are the potential buyers who don’t trust people easily. In fact, they are very choosy on the types of seminars and other events they participate in.

Why would I like to work with them? Simple. I feel like selling to them is hard for me. Thus, I need to do more of that. I need to practice to get better and to level up the quality of customers I enrol.

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Lessons And Ideas From High-Quality Enrolment

After you deliver a powerful and effective call to action speech, your high-quality clients will be willing to spend on your program. I am not talking about hundreds, but thousands of dollars.

If you presented a well-designed program and you can indeed help them, they won’t mind spending extra money.

Remember too that most rich people maintain their success because they invest in themselves. They don’t stop learning and applying what they’ve learned on their passion or interest.

Most importantly, the more you have enrolment conversations with these buyers, the more it becomes natural for you to sell to them. And this is how I found my unique selling point. Because once it becomes a practice, it becomes easy.

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Overcome The Challenge

You may be thinking right now, “Wow, I could never do that.” But is there anything that always starts off as convenient or comfortable? The answer is no. You won’t find your unique selling point within a few days, or even weeks.

The bright side is, it’s only a temporary challenge. You just have to practice, learn, and repeat. Before you know it, you’ll already have your personal unique selling point. You will find yourself growing, and long-term sales will become much easier for you.

What you need to ponder on are these questions: Do you want selling to keep on being difficult for you for a very, very long time? Or will you dive into the challenge (which will only be difficult for a little while) and persist until you grow and it becomes easier?

Learning sales for your business may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is certainly rewarding. And it takes a lot of practice to find your unique selling point so you can sell easily. Follow my advice and make a counter-intuitive change — level up the quality of customers you enrol. This is how you’ll have your own unique selling proposition. Once you start selling to dream clients and making a practice out of it, selling will become easier for you.

How can this counter-intuitive change help you find your own unique selling point? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated for accuracy and relevancy. Original publish date: September, 2017.

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