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Try this: two marketing strategies that have earned me millions

Marketing Strategy #1: the Brand Story

If you’re looking to create presentations online, whether they’re videos or teleseminars or webinars, and you want to attract droves of clients to your brand and ultimately inspire those clients to buy, then I have a special gift for you right now.

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What I want to teach you right now is my best tip on how to create really effective presentations so you can get started thinking about this process.

This is the same tip that helped me make $1.3 million online in only 27 days.

It’s called a Brand Story.

So what is the Brand Story? In a presentation, you need to highlight the problem and the opportunity if somebody’s going to buy from you. But how do you make that presentation really sexy, captivating and attractive so somebody goes, “I gotta have that!”

The Brand Story is about who your client is going to become, not just what they are going to do or have.

There are 3 different components:

  1. Who they’re going to become
  2. What they’re going to do
  3. What they’re going to have

So if I start off like this:

“There’s a new celebrity in the world today, and it’s you. You have a life story to tell, life lessons to teach and a story to share with humanity. And because of it, you can build a celebrity brand. You can attract droves of clients online and you can earn multiple streams of income doing exactly what you love anywhere in the world.”

Is that a different approach? It is, and that’s what I call a Brand Story.

A Brand Story is painting who somebody can become, like “the new celebrity in the world today”.

For example, if you’re in the financial business and want to work with clients to bring them financial freedom, you might say: “There’s a new financial master in the world today, and it’s you.”

Or if you’re in the business of teaching freedom entrepreneurs, you might say: “There’s a new freedom entrepreneur in the world today, and it’s you.”

What you’re doing is creating an identity for the people who are coming into your products and programs, or watching your videos and presentations and going, “Wow, I could become the new financial master/freedom entrepreneur/celebrity”, and from that becoming ultimately they’re going to do something.

So doing something, they way I framed it, I said: “You have a life story to tell, life lessons to teach and a story to share with humanity.”

What are you doing? You’re finding that life story, finding that message and sharing it with humanity so ultimately you can have what? You can have a celebrity brand, you can spread it to millions of people online, you can have this great lifestyle, you can travel the world.

So ultimately it’s becoming, doing and having.

Framing that by telling a story about who somebody can become, story is one of the most powerful things you can integrate into your presentation.

There’s a reason why my videos have 100,000+ views, there’s a reason why we have people from 30 different countries enrolling in our programs and it’s because they’re captivated by becoming the new celebrity.

Now, you might be thinking “what is the new celebrity?”

It’s the coach who wants to change a life, the speaker who wants to share their voice with the world. It’s the entrepreneur who’s tired of trading time for dollars, it’s the artist who wants to make a real difference and wants to get their art and message out to the world. It’s the internet marketer that wants to make a real difference with their message, it’s the author who wants to make a bigger impact than a book.

Do you see what I’m doing right here? I’m specifically identifying who the new celebrity is. I’m speaking to you, because you want to spread your message to the world! You’re the new celebrity.

I’m defining what the new celebrity is, so this is a movement, a becoming.

Imagine if somebody shows up to your presentations and hears that, they’re gonna be captivated.

If you’re creating videos online, presentations and webinars, you want to captivate people in the beginning.

Captivation is what keeps them listening to the story of what’s possible.

This is truly powerful.

I want to encourage you right now to create your own Brand Story.

  1. Who is your client going to become?
  2. What are you having them do?
  3. What will they have as a result?

If you want the rest of this, which is the whole presentation formula, click here to get your free presentation swipe file.


Marketing Strategy #2: the Blueprint Framework

I want to teach you the single most important component of how to get paid for your life story and your message.

It’s a compelling offer.

See, where most people trip up is they don’t know how to present and communicate their story and their message in a framework – which is really an offer – so clients will say yes to their programs.

I call this the Blueprint Framework, and the Blueprint starts with: #1. The Step

Now how do I know this works? The truth is, I’ve made millions of dollars in this business because of this Blueprint.

This Blueprint I’m going to share with you, which is going to teach you how to communicate your offer, is the very Blueprint that helped me get my first $3000 sale. And trust me, that was a lot of money when I first started out, because I always felt unworthy and not good enough to hare my voice and my message. Now, my clients pay me $200,000 to work with them privately and I have a multi-million dollar company, so this framework I’m teaching you is huge.

It starts with the Step, and the Step is the thing you’re going to teach.

So let’s say I’m talking about my High Paying Client training, and I say:

“I want to share with you my High Paying Client training right now, and Step #1 is called The 12 Question Framework. The challenge is that most people never ask these 12 questions, and because of it they don’t find out what their customer’s vision is, they don’t understand their desire or dreams, and because of that they’re always trying to close the client and sell hard, and they’re not able to inspire their clients to take action because they don’t know anything about their clients. Ultimately, they don’t care about their clients, or they don’t have the techniques and methodology to dive in and get connected and personal. So that’s a major problem. Have you ever experienced this?

You’re going to get this 12 Question Framework, so when you show up to a meeting you can ask your client questions about their life to identify the challenge that they’re facing. You learn how to paint the opportunity to your clients, and ultimately you give them a plan and a path to succeed. And that’s the solution for people who want to enrol high paying clients.

The benefits of doing this are really simple: number 1, you stop discounting your value and start getting paid what you’re worth. Number 2, you have more free time because you’re becoming highly paid for what it is that you do, and you’ve got free time to go build out other parts of your business, like your online business that will help you spread your message to more people. And if you haven’t spread it to one person yet, you have to start enrolling high paying clients. If you start enrolling high paying clients, you can spread your message to millions of people and make the difference you’re meant to make. It also gives you a lifestyle friendly business. If you’re highly paid, you can take vacations. You can have a great lifestyle, you can live anywhere in the world, you can travel. And third, it gives you confidence. When you’re able to enrol clients you have confidence that people want your stuff, you have confidence to stand for the transformation of your clients when they’re not ready to stand for themselves yet, and that confidence to be able to sell 1-2- will give you the confidence to spread your message to millions of people online. So the benefits are amazing. ”

So notice what I did: I told them what the step is, identified the problem most of my clients face, and then I gave them a simple solution and told them what the benefits are.

And then I give them the tool:

“The tool to help you get there is simple! It’s one sheet of paper. It’s 12 questions. And those 12 questions come with a video training. All you need to do is watch the video and learn the art of it. Then show up to the meeting with your client, ask the questions, and it’s game over.So this is an amazing system and I hope this serves you.”

See what I’m doing there? I’m presenting the offer.

If you learn this, if you take your life story and message and pull out one lesson and teach that lesson, that lesson is a step in your program.

So right now, I want you to go through this process and get clarity on this:

  1. The step
  2. The problem
  3. The solution
  4. The benefits
  5. The tool

I hope this has served you; leave me a comment below and let me know if you found this useful or if you have any questions I can help you get clarity on.


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