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Video: How to Build a Thriving Seminar or Workshop Business

become a motivational speaker

“HOW?” is the question I get asked the most.

My clients want to know:
• How do I become a motivational speaker?
• How do I build a seminar business?
• How do I make money with motivational speaking at seminars?

I’ve made millions speaking from the stage while making a positive impact in the world.

In this video, I show you exactly how I plan out my seminars and teach you how to become a motivational speaker and sell from the stage.

This video is raw, unedited, and reveals my exact thought processes.

Below are points in the video that you really need to see:

– How I craft an irresistible offer at 2:20
– How being a motivational speaker can 10x your income at 17:30
– A breakthrough in my seminar messaging at 26:15

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