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How To Create A Message That Is Unique And Compelling

Feature | How To Create A Message That Is Unique And Compelling

Let me begin by asking: do you think giving personal narrative examples help craft a unique and compelling message? The answer is a resounding YES!

When you create your message,  it can sometimes be difficult to decide which details to include. However, adding a personal story and sharing about life experiences and lessons will help you become more relatable.

Learn my tips on how you can turn your message into a powerful story.

4 Tips On How To Utilize Personal Narrative Examples In Your Message

It is important for you to create a message that is unique and compelling for two reasons.

One, so that you can effectively connect with your audience. This will allow you to show up at any event and speak without a script.

Two, an effective message will draw people to you and clients will seek you out. There will be no need for you to chase clients anymore.

I know that creating a message that’s powerful and influential is easier said than done. But I’m going to share with you what I have learned from being in the business for years.

I can say that these tips have helped me build my multi-million dollar empire.

Tip #1: Connect With Your Personal Story and Add Personal Narrative Examples

Often, when coming up with speeches for seminars or events, people begin by asking, “What’s my message?” The answer can be so profound or broad that it takes a long time to answer the question.

In my opinion, you’re wasting a lot of time in this method.

So here’s my suggestion: instead of starting with your message, begin with your story. Then, watch your message come alive. This is because your most compelling message will emerge from your story.

Tip #2: Use Your Own Journey

Tip #2: Use Your Own Journey | How To Create A Message That Is Unique And Compelling

There are many ways to tell your story. What you need to do is take the time to explore your story and get as personal as possible.

The deeper you go into it, the more connected you will become with your truth. And your truth will make your message stronger.

Your personal journey will also make your story and message unique. And sharing your personal experience will make you more relatable to your audience.

Your message is successful when you touch people’s hearts and connect with them.

Tip #3: Be Vulnerable

As I mentioned, you can tell your story in a lot of ways. But when you have so many ideas on your mind, you may be confused about which ones to pick.

Let me help you out and give you the deciding factor: Vulnerability. This means telling the darkest, most embarrassing, and painful story of your life.

And sharing what you did to overcome it. To put it another way, share your problem, then offer a solution.

Why? Because you’re not only talking about your message.

What you’re actually doing is helping someone connect to their vision. You’re inspiring them to become the person they want to be.

When they listen to you, they should be saying to themselves, “I know what you went through. I can relate to that. And I’m inspired to follow the steps you took to conquer the same problem.”

By allowing vulnerability, the emotions in your story will resonate with your audience. They will be inspired by your own transformation. This is what will draw them to you.

Your most basic message is this: I help people do x so they can become y. Your message is most compelling when it inspires people to believe that they can become who they want to be.

But you can never do that unless you add a “becoming” element in your messaging.

Tip #4: Make Your Message Dynamic

Tip #4: Make Your Message Dynamic | How To Create A Message That Is Unique And Compelling

As you move forward with life, your message will change.

It should never be a static thing. Instead, it must reflect your growth as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

Over time as you grow, you also change. And your message evolves — it reaches new levels.

As you refine your message, you also attract different types of people to you. Your messaging is alive, and your transformations only make it more powerful.

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Creating a message that includes personal narrative examples will certainly help your audience connect better with you. The concise points I’ve shared covered the most important aspects to help you get started in creating a unique and compelling message.

Don’t be afraid to share about the not-so-positive moments in your life and how you overcame them because it is through these that your client will realize who they want to be. Empowering your clients starts with inspiring them to become a better them, just as you have overcome your difficulties to become a better you.

What are the challenges you encounter in creating a powerful message? Let me know how I can help you by leaving a comment below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 11, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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