If you want to get people to your first seminar, get on the freaking phone!” – Ted McGrath


As I always say, “If you want to get people to your first seminar, get on the freaking phone!”


It really is that simple: if you want people to attend, all you have to do is invite them.

Make a list of people you would love to have in your room, and start dialling.


There are two key advantages to doing it this way:

First, by picking people you know will be a good fit for your seminar, you can guarantee your room will be filled exclusively with high quality people.

Second, if your room is full of high quality people, you don’t need hundreds of them. In fact, you don’t even need tens of them.

I’ve had clients with just 10 people in their very first workshop make 6 figures in sales in a weekend…because they invited high quality attendees!


Not sure how to have that conversation? Here’s a rough script you can use as inspiration.

Hey, it’s [your name]. I want to share something with you that I’m excited about, and I want to catch up with you and hear what’s exciting in your life.

I’m planning out this event which is going to be [date]. I have this voice inside of me that wants to come out and I’ve always had this passion for teaching people about [your topic] and I’ve been through this experience that’s resulted in this amazing transformation for me.

I want to start sharing that with my friends so they can take something from my experience and have transformations in their own lives. So I’m putting a workshop on, and I’d love you to come.

As my friend, I would like to make you one of the founding members and give you a free ticket to come along. Would you like to come if the dates work for you?


Now you know how, get out there and start making some calls! Comment below and let me know how it goes.

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