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Tell The Truth & Enroll More Customers

In today’s video, I want to share with you how to enroll more customers.

“Tell The Truth” might sound like a funny method, but here’s what I’ve learned in 17 years of enrolling customers:

When you feel deep down inside that someone is the right person for you to work with, I think it’s important to tell yourself the truth about that.

I recently got off a phone conversation with a potential customer, and we were at this point where #1 I really felt in my heart that this person had a message to share with the world and also had a story to tell, and #2 when we got off the phone we were at a tipping point where it was almost a yes for the person to join our program. But more importantly, it was almost them saying yes to their vision and their dreams and what they really wanted for their life.

So we were at this tipping point, and we’d almost made the decision to do it, but we left it as, OK we’re gonna get on the phone and talk again tomorrow morning.

Now, I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the chances of this person actually showing up to the phone call the next morning was very slim. And part of me felt, I know I create my reality and I cause things to happen, but at the same time there’s a knowing where facing the truth and confronting the truth is important.

And in my knowing, I just know that many times, it’s hard for people to confront what they want. Even though somebody is really successful in one area, becoming a coach or a speaker or an expert is challenging for people, because it takes confidence and trust and ability to stand in one’s value and know that they can get paid for their gift.

So of course, this person didn’t show up.

It’s nothing against somebody who doesn’t show up, it’s a fact that many people do this and it’s just a pattern. You’ll see it happen often if you get off the phone with somebody and haven’t asked the questions necessary to get to their truth.

I feel like that’s our job and that’s our responsibility as coaches and speakers in this space; our job is to get to the truth, to help somebody discover their vision and their dreams.

When I haven’t done that, I feel like I let somebody down to some degree, that I didn’t help them fully stand in what it is they want for themselves. That’s my job.

Here’s the truth about that: it’s one thing to think this person’s really not a fit, and that’s a big decision too, because that’s essentially turning away an opportunity and in a business that’s turning away money.

I’ve done that recently where there were some programs I was offering up and I just felt it wasn’t a fit and it’s not right to enroll this out to more than a couple of people and so I’ve turned away money.

And the reverse of this in this situation I’m talking about, this was not the case…so I could easily say, well its not the right time or I’ll just let this person go. But then I wouldn’t be facing my truth, because in this case I know this program is a fit for this person, I know this serves their truth because I know them well enough, and therefore to get off the phone and not follow up with this conversation would be letting this person down.

And I’d have to live with myself, knowing I didn’t do a full, complete job.

So enrollment’s this interesting thing; if you know in your own truth it’s the right thing to continue the conversation and help this person uncover their dreams, I feel like it’s our job to do that.

And on that person’s end, if they get off the phone and they haven’t confronted their truth, and they’re backing off because they’re afraid, then they have to live with it.

So you get two people getting off the phone who haven’t fully faced their truth and confronted the real thing, and now both people have to live with it. And that’s a really tough place to be because we carry that over into the next conversation and that always stays with a person. I know it stays with me.

So, in this situation this morning the person was very courteous and sent an email to say no, it’s no the right time.

And I’ve gotten many situations like this and I’ve learned and I know better than to let it go to this point. And so I just responded back and I just shared my truth and I said hey, you know, I get where you’re at but I feel like I didn’t do my job yesterday. I feel like I didn’t stand fully for your dreams, I feel like I didn’t stand fully to confront what we needed to confront on the call, and I feel like we owe it to each other to confront this and get back on the phone and really pursue this if this is your dream. If this message and this story that you have is not something you truly want to get out into the world then we’ll call it quits and you can just say that’s the case, but I don’t think it is.

And immediately I got a response back saying let’s talk. So I have another phone call scheduled with this person.

So #1, if you ever get off the phone and you don’t feel like you did your job, you’ll know that and you’ll have to live with it. And #2, even if you got off the phone there’s still always an opportunity to reach back out and make it happen and just be honest and truthful, and that’s what I did and I believe that’s why I got the response and I believe that’s why we will have this next conversation and this person will join our community.

So this is food for thought for you, wherever you’re at. Maybe you let go of calls in the past and you let this happen, so moving forward I want to encourage you not to let this happen.

I want to encourage you to ask the questions necessary to get to somebody’s dreams and to not let somebody’s pushback or their reactivity around money or to let them just blow off with excuses, which may have some rationality to them, but in the greater scope of things, somebody’s dreams versus excuses, which one are we going to go with?

And somebody’s dreams versus them putting it off and saying maybe I don’t have the time or maybe I don’t have the money…well I think somebody’s dreams are worth the time and worth the money and so I continue to go for that next conversation and go for that question.

I hope you do the same thing.


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