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Create A Successful Business With These Core Values

My clients often ask me, “Ted how can I build a successful business?” I get this question across industries and backgrounds. However, regardless of what you’re specifically selling or providing, from my perspective, there are only three things that can make a business a success.

Three Core Tenets to Live by for a Successful Business

1. Think Big With Dreams And Visions 

Think Big With Dreams And Visions | Create A Successful Business With These Core Values

As an entrepreneur or a CEO of your company, you need to learn how to expand your dreams. How do you do that?

Every morning, when I wake up, I always think about my dreams or visions not only for myself or my busines but, most of all for my clients. How can I help them? What kinds of skills do I need to learn in order to assist them better?

Some of you may feel intimidated by the idea of having big dreams, and that’s fine. You can always begin small and then dream a little bigger from that. When you get to that point, dream bigger again.

2. Play The Game 

I’ve always emphasized that in the end you’re not really running a business — you’re playing the game. Like any game, you need to have the winner mentality.

In one of my launches, my initial offers weren’t doing so well. We weren’t getting the responses we needed from my clients. Instead of accepting the possible loss, I changed my mindset and embraced the winner’s mentality.

I started to ask myself, “What do I need to do in order to change the tide of the game? How do I win this?”

This kind of thinking has helped me deal with the other numerous challenges I came across while running a successful business. It ain’t over until it’s over! Not every start is going to be good, and sometimes when it does, you will meet a hiccup in the middle.

I have so many strategies on how to make a high-end offer or how to make a call to action while you’re on the stage. I invite you to read them to help you get started with the winner’s mentality.

Then you combine your game with your dreams and have fun with it! Love what you’re doing and don’t take life too seriously. If you fail today, it’s okay. You will always survive.

3. Build An Extraordinary Team

Build An Extraordinary Team | Create A Successful Business With These Core Values

No person can manage a business by himself. You cannot have a successful business if you don’t surround yourself with great people. Furthermore, you cannot achieve growth if you don’t work with an extraordinary group of people. You need to have a great team to work with you and your dream clients. Only then can you build amazing relationships.

Even in this day and age of the Internet and technology, you should never forget it’s still people that drive businesses. They are the ones who dream and direct this stuff.

If you don’t have the right people with an aligned vision, you will never achieve a successful business. It doesn’t go anywhere. People won’t be able to communicate effectively.

Hopefully, these three solid tips on how to have a successful business will serve you well, whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking to expand.

What are your ideas on how to have a successful business? Share them in the comments below.

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