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My Favorite Success Story

My Favorite Success Story

One of the techniques I use to build my offers and draw in enrollees is to give case stories, such as the success story I am going to share below. Not only do these stories inspire people, but they also create the vision that stimulates the transformation they need.

Success Story | How a Stutterer Wins Big as a Coach

Why You Should Share a Success Story

Why You Should Share A Success Story | My Favorite Success Story

Why do I use a success story? I have a lot of reasons, but topping the list is this: it makes a vision come true.

You know, when clients come to me, they always have this big question in their minds. They say, “You know what, Ted? I want to earn big [or travel the world, or whatever they want to achieve], but I don’t know how to get there.”

By sharing a success story, you can help them see and believe transformation is real and possible.

It also helps me relate to my audience or clients more effectively, and it enhances my trustworthiness. In this business, trust is important. If your audience doesn’t think you’re a worthy speaker or coach, they’ll never sign up for your programs.

Because of this, I developed a system that helps convert ice-cold prospects to buyers. In my system, one of the key components is a story. A story provides two important things to build a deep connection: vulnerability and credibility.

Meet Alex

With more than eight years of experience in the business, I definitely have a lot of stories to share, but this success story is perhaps my favorite.

It is about a man who built self-success despite his speech challenges. He went on to become a powerful speaker who made $71,000 in sales in one of his first-ever live events.

His name is Alex Moscow.

Alex started with me during the early days of my business. When he started with me, he was a marketing consultant. He was 21 years old and didn’t know anything about life or business. I told him to come work with me, and he did.

Alex trained with me and helped me grow my business. He was with me when I cracked seven figures in my business. By observing me and becoming a part of my company, Alex learned a lot about sales. He saw the persistence I had as an entrepreneur, and he was in that space, absorbing growth and persistence.

One day he decided to leave. We both agreed it was time, and he went out and started his own business. He became a coach and a speaker.

The Man Who Persisted

The Man Who Persisted | My Favorite Success Story

A person has thousands of stories to tell, but for one to be a success story, it needs two important parts: a pit and a breakthrough.

The pit basically describes the biggest challenge, conflict, or problem a person faced in his life. The breakthrough, on the other hand, signals the transformation.

With Alex, his pit is his stutter. I always think, “Here’s a guy who is around the coaching and speaking space where people speak for a living, and he has a stutter.”

But he eventually became a master at sales training in my company. Finally, one day he said, “I think I need to go on my next journey in my life.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know.”

I said, “I think you do.”

He went, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I think you want to be a coach and a speaker. You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.”

He said, “All right,” but he was pretty uncertain.

The Breakthrough

If there’s one thing that separates Alex from a lot of people, it’s that he has passion for what he’s doing. Not only that, but he proves one can achieve a complete lifestyle-friendly business and be profitable even with small events or coaching programs with very few attendees.

Five to six months after he left, he started his coaching business. Within 90 to 120 days, he went out, launched his first program, and got 10 clients to join for $5,000 each. Within two months, he went out and launched his first seminar with nine or ten people signed up.

He was on the stage in front of these nine or ten people speaking for two and a half days, and he made $71,000 in sales.

He’s brought in seven figures to his business over the last several years of running a coaching business.

How to Achieve the Same Success Story

How To Achieve The Same Success Story | My Favorite Success Story

There’s nothing supernatural with Alex’s story, to be honest. He still has a stutter, and sometimes it shows up even when he’s speaking in front of his audience.

What he did is simple but something a lot of aspiring coaches and speakers forget: he is not afraid to go out and live his passion. He is not afraid to go after the dream.

Here’s a guy who, essentially, has a disability, which is stuttering, but he’s turned it into his strength. He’s turned it into a weapon of power to make a difference in the world, and I admire that.

This success story is close to my heart not just because Alex used to work with me or because he’s earning millions with his coaching business. It’s special because it’s a clear example that you can reach your dreams regardless of the challenges you face every single day. You simply need to live your passion and possess the persistence, commitment to learn, and vision to always be a better version of yourself.

What is your favorite success story as a coach or speaker? Inspire others by sharing it in the comments below.

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