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Stand In Your Value

In today’s video I want to talk to you about how to stand in your value, particularly in the enrollment conversation with a client.

Many times this is a challenging thing for people to do, to create programs and price them in a way where you feel valued in doing it.

The one thing I can say to this is only you know, when you are creating your programs, if it’s really something that’s representative of your value.

If you feel like you’re over-giving, in terms of giving yourself too much, and you don’t feel like you’re in exchange and receiving enough back (and many times this can be monetarily for people, where they gift too much and don’t feel like they’re receiving enough money back, or it can just be in life where you feel like you’re outflowing so much but you don’t feel like you’re receiving), there’s a challenge and a problem.

So I want to encourage you as you create your programs, to know that whatever you’re doing or creating, it’s important to create and price your programs from a place you feel is representative of your value.

It’s one thing not to feel confident, and to think “because I’m brand new and I’m not confident, I have to keep my pricing low”.

However with good coaching, and with somebody helping you look at your life experience and look at your life lessons,if you really look at your wisdom and your knowledge that you’ve gained over all the years you’ll start to see that it really is more valuable than you perceive it to be at first glance.

So I encourage you not to take one glance and think “well, my pricing should be this”.

I encourage you to look at it and look at the journey you’ve been on; look at the value of what it’s been worth to your life and look at what it could be worth to somebody else, and create your programs from that perspective.

Sometimes as you go to enroll a customer and you’re on the phone, and they push back, they’re pushing back on pricing because they lack confidence. They lack confidence that they can get a return on investment, they lack confidence that they can achieve this, they lack confidence that they can actually do it….and many times people will tell you it’s a money thing. And sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Either way, it can cause you to lower your pricing or lower your standards.

I want to encourage you not to lower your pricing, not to lower your standards. And particularly in the enrollment conversation, when that pricing objection comes up, stand your ground with your pricing and stay with it where it is.

We’ve all made mistakes doing this, where we drop back and we try to accommodate somebody. But what I want to ask you is: are you accommodating them because you really want to make this thing work, or are you accommodating them because you are lowering your standards? If they are coming from a place of weakness and not being confident, and then you drop to a place of weakness and not being confident, now you have two people meeting, lowering standards.

And how does that begin the coaching relationship when both people lower their standards on something?

So it’s time to up your standards. As a coach or service-based practitioner, meet your clients in a place where you go, “no, I’m going to hold you to this, hold your vision and hold you to step into a bigger decision”.

So you’re holding your vision and your value, you’re asking them to step up to a bigger vision and a bigger value in their life, and you’re meeting on higher ground.

Next time you’re in that place and you feel like you need to get the sale or you want to get that person in, my question is:

Are you sacrificing your standards? And are you sacrificing your integrity in doing that?

So stand up for your value.

I would have thresholds of what the program pricing is (and you can have different options of payment plans) but don’t drop your pricing and don’t drop your value in that situation.

You’ll have paid in full and you can have payment plan options, but don’t drop the pricing below what it’s truly worth.

If it’s a $10,000 program, it’s a $10,000 program. If it’s a $30,000 program, it’s a $30,000 program. And that’s what it is.

Come to the enrollment call ready with your options and your payment plans that are available to your clients.

The paid in full pricing should always be discounted by about 15-20%. You want to encourage people to pay in full and make the whole decision.

I know for me, when I pay in full I feel better about it, because it’s done and I’m fully in and fully committed.


#1, don’t lower you standards.

#2, don’t let somebody else’s lack of confidence pull you down so you go to a state of being not confident.

And #3, up your standards, meet somebody on a higher ground.

When you do these things, you’re fully standing in your value. You’ll continue to grow and step up and feel good about your business and feel good about your pricing and feel good about your value in the world.

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