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My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

There’s no better time to do public speaking than this year because, as I predicted it, it’s going to be big! But I know how frightening it can be, especially if you’ve never tried it before. I am here to help you out. For many months, I’ve written a lot of articles on how to make yourself a successful public speaker. I am collating them all here to serve as your guide.

Public Speaking Tips That Guarantee Big Success

1. Start With A Solid Plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best public speaking professional out there. If you don’t know how to plan your events, you’ll never be awesome at what you do. Here are my best tips on how to improve public speaking skills with a tight plan.

Know What Kind of Speaker You Are

Know What Kind of Speaker You Are | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

While you can take different speaker personas, there’s one that works in a specific situation and audience. Find out when you should be a structured, influential, visionary, or coaching speaker.

Talk To Earn

Talk To Earn | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

There are two reasons why I speak in front of a crowd. One is to share my message, and the other is to earn my income and maintain a lifestyle-friendly business. I am one of those who like to dream big, so I shoot for the moon when I plan my events. If you need more tips on this one, read this or this to price accordingly.

2. Know What To Talk About

Can you speak about anything you want? Of course you can, but keep in mind your audience is looking for something that matches their vision. Your talk should be something that hits them to the core, and you can’t do that if you don’t know what to discuss in the first place. But how do you go about choosing the right one? How do you present your thoughts to them?

Pick A Topic

Pick A Topic | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

It’s not about how much time you have for public speaking, it’s about giving high-quality live presentations to your audience. To make sure you can capture the attention of your audience, begin with having the right topic.

Create A Brand Story

Create A Brand Story | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

One of the best ways to improve speaking skills is to have a brand story. This is a combination of your pit and your breakthrough, which basically provides your audience an idea of their possible journey to transformation.

Build Your Content

Build Your Content | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

Building your public speaking program doesn’t have to be complicated. These tools should make creating your content easier and faster.

Design A Powerful Presentation

Design A Powerful Presentation | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

A strong content plus a powerful presentation equals a guaranteed public speaking event. People learn faster when you accompany your words with visual aids.

3. Market Your Event

Even the public speaking veterans take time out to sell their events. This process, however, can be both time-consuming and expensive. I am going to share some shortcuts to improve your efficiency and even spend less money.

Talk For Free

Talk For Free | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

You won’t be doing this all the time, but if you want to get a big break in the industry, offering one for free and getting on other people’s stages will give it to you. Give your audience a taste of what they can expect from your future live events.

Invite High-Quality People

Invite High-Quality People | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

High-quality people are not just your target market, but they’re the ones who are willing to pay big so you can help them. They are your dream clients! Don’t worry if you get to invite only a small number of people because, trust me, small groups can be very profitable.

Pack Your Events

Pack Your Events | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

Your own network can be a rich resource of marketers and even future clients. Find out how building meaningful social connections can help fill your venue.

4. Get On The Stage And Win It

Because your marketing efforts for your public speaking event is so successful, you have attracted high-quality people and filled your venue. What’s next? Learn how to be the best speaker on the stage!

Speak With Confidence

Speak With Confidence | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

People can easily see through you. If they feel you’re scared, they will develop doubts on your ability to help them. An effective public speaking skill to learn is how to develop confidence even if you’re anxious inside.

Make Your Message Stand Out

Make Your Message Stand Out | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

People these days have a very short attention span, so if you bore them within a minute of your presentation, don’t expect them to hang around for long, you won’t convert them to clients either. A smart way to do public speaking is to learn how to share your message and create an impact.

Tell A Story

Tell A Story | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

Storytelling is indeed the new marketing! Nothing inspires a person to dream and act on a vision than seeing other people who are similar to them succeed or overcome challenges. It’s the reason why I like adding personal case stories in my public speaking events.

Master Stage Presentations

Master Stage Presentations | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

Avoid looking awkward while on stage. Present your thoughts with structure and conviction by knowing the most appropriate body language and what to say to ensure your clients say yes.

Give a High-End Offer

Give a High-End Offer | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

The ultimate goal of any public speaking event is to convert well, and you can do that when you know how to give a high-end offer. It’s going to be intimidating at first, but as soon as you learn my techniques, you can avoid a high objection rate.

5. Be Inspired

There will be days when you feel as if you don’t belong in the public speaking space or it seems you’re not doing things right. Don’t worry, it’s normal. On days when you lack the motivation, I encourage you to learn how to develop speaking skills with these ideas.

Learn From the Successful Speakers

Learn From the Successful Speakers | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

I am good at what I do simply because I also allow other great successful speakers to influence me. I am sharing my list in the hopes it will have the same effect on you.

Enrich Your Career With Your Past Experiences

Enrich Your Career With Your Past Experiences | My Ultimate Public Speaking Guide

Many of us have several unpleasant experiences and bad decisions or choices. I am no different. But you can transform these painful stories into opportunities for growth and lessons and channel them to your public speaking events. You can then create a live event that’s sincere, honest, and relatable.

To last in public speaking, you need to have not only the ability to speak and present well but also the heart to share a message and help others. Hopefully, this guide will help you share your talent and build a business doing what you love.

How can this public speaking guide help you in your career and business? Let me know in the comments below!

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