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3 Simple One on One Coaching Program Techniques For Beginners

I’ll be honest: I tried one on one coaching and didn’t sustain it. I found I could create a more lifestyle-friendly business when I share my knowledge and coach through small events and group enrollment. But there are times when this method works, and if you’re a beginner in the business, you definitely need to learn these techniques.

One On One Coaching Tips That Turn Beginners To Pros

1. Offer It As A Free Consultation 

Offer It As A Free Consultation  | 3 Simple One on One Coaching Program Techniques For Beginners

Many would probably tell you hundreds of ways to market your business, but I am going to limit that to only a few, say, four.  The fewer they are, the easier they are to remember. I also want you to focus on marketing strategies that truly work.

Of the few, though, I highly recommend giving away free consultations. In fact, I say you always make it a part of your technique.

I know you’re about to ask me, “But, Ted, I am here to make money! Why should I give free consultations?” Well, how can people believe you can truly coach them if you don’t give them a taste of it? If you’re new, social proof has never been so important.

Moreover, to attract more dream clients, you need testimonials or reviews, which you can get from people who participated in your coaching programs.

A free consultation doesn’t have to last very long. I give mine for only 40 minutes tops. You can extend it for about an hour, and that’s it. Please read this guide to help you book free one on one coaching sessions as soon as possible.

2. Begin Small 

I am a huge fan of small events for a lot of reasons. One, I can bring my overhead expenses down since I don’t need a very huge venue. Second, I can encourage myself to invite only high-end clients because of the limited seats. And if you’re new, you’ll find smaller venues and events to be more comforting. You don’t need to talk so loud, and you have more opportunities to interact with your guests one by one. In the process, you already begin your one on one coaching even before the seminar is over!

You can also apply the same principle if you want to be more comprehensive with your one on one coaching. Again, I don’t want you to burn yourself out but instead maximize your time and energy by helping people by group. Nevertheless, if you want to do one on one coaching, pick at least four to five high-end clients a month.

3. Choose Quality Clients 

Choose Quality Clients | 3 Simple One on One Coaching Program Techniques For Beginners

Let me expound on my last sentence. Why does it matter to work only with high-quality, high-paying clients?

Not all those who attend your seminars, webinars, and other events will be interested to join, and that’s perfectly okay. There’s no use spending your energy on people who are less committed or don’t know how to commit at all.

This also means high-quality clients tend to be more disciplined and more likely to benefit from what you’re teaching, so in the end, both you and your clients see the value to your program.

Most of all, there’s no limit to possible income. High-end clients are the ones who can and will pay thousands of dollars because they understand how important your coaching program is. You also have a much bigger chance to upsell with them, so instead of enrolling these clients to a few sessions, you can extend that to as long as six months or one year.

My coaching programs always focus on one major goal, and that is to help you come up with a lifestyle-friendly business that generates a consistent flow of income week after week after week. You don’t end up wondering or getting anxious when to get your next profit or chasing after clients.

BONUS: Build A Team 

BONUS: Build A Team | 3 Simple One on One Coaching Program Techniques For Beginners

You’re not a superhuman. At some point, a one on one coaching program can become unsustainable as far as income and efforts are concerned. Managing 10 a month by yourself can be very exhausting and make you less effective. It’s not good for the business, not good for your health, and certainly not good for your reputation and brand. After all, you’ll end up with clients who are unhappy and dissatisfied with your program.

So my one on one coaching technique is to multiply yourself. But how do you do that? Build a team through a group program then have your team reach out to your high-end clients one on one. This way, you don’t spread yourself too thin, and you can multiply your efforts. I have tons of tips on how you can start on that.

These are just four tips on how to do one on one coaching when you’re a beginner, but I believe they are the most strategic to do. They make you efficient and effective. You can maximize your time with them and get deeper satisfaction on what you’re doing since you get to share your message with people who will find it extremely valuable in their lives.

What are your struggles in one on one coaching? Let me know how I can help. 

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