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One Change to Make Selling The Easiest Thing You Do

I want to talk to you about the one change to make selling the easiest thing that you do. This is going to be counter-intuitive. The one thing that’s made selling easier for me is to always up-level the quality of people that I’m enrolling.

For example, if I’m enrolling somebody with a net worth of a million dollars, or he makes a million dollars in income, and I feel like that’s hard for me. Well, the more I work with that person, the more I work with people who are making a million dollars, the more I have conversation with them to enroll them, it actually becomes normal. When it becomes normal, it becomes easy.

Initially, it might feel like it’s hard to actually go talk to the person making a million dollars a year, or talk to the person making 10 million dollars a year or even more, and you go, “Wow! I can never do that.” What happens is, it remains hard sales, because you stay at a lower income bracket.

What happens is, since people don’t play up, and they don’t go after higher quality people, it remains hard, and it remains scarce, because they are always working with people who have a scarce mindset.

If you feel like playing up to somebody who has a higher income, it’s only a challenge temporarily.It’s just challenging you to grow.

Here’s the question. Do you want it to stay hard for a very, very long time, or do you want it to be challenging for that game that you’re going to play? Then say, “Hey, I want to play with this person, and I want to be with a more high-quality person, I want to enroll a high-quality person. It’s going to challenging for a little bit, but you’re going to grow, and growth is rewarding and fulfilling, and as you grow, it becomes easier.

I don’t know that life is ever going to be a situation where it’s so easy to do this, right? I think that challenges and having good goals to go after, makes the game fun. It makes the game challenging, and it’s rewarding to play a challenging game.

When you’re playing the competition, it’s like the opponent is tough, it’s not easy to beat them, but it’s fun. It doesn’t need to be easy per se, it just needs to be fun, it needs to be challenging, it needs too be rewarding, it needs to be fulfilling, it needs to be growing. When you’re doing all those things, I think life can be a lot more simple, and certainly sales can be as easy as breathing, and just as easy as having a conversation with your friend or your neighbor.

Hope that serves you today. Leave a comment below and share it with somebody. Hope it changes your life and somebody else’s life. Go out and give it a try today.


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