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This Week On Ted McGrath…

Here’s what happened on Ted McGrath this week…

1. How To Get Started As A Coach, Speaker, Or Entrepreneur

This Week On Ted McGrath...
People come to my events wondering how to get started in their respective fields, how to find success. Most often, they ask me this: “Ted, how do you start becoming a coach, a speaker, or an entrepreneur?” or “What should I do to get the ball rolling, so to speak?” You’ll be surprised at how simple the answer is… Click to read more

2. 7 Self Improvement Habits To Change Your Life For The Better

This Week On Ted McGrath...
One of the things I like to talk about is self improvement habits. Let me tell you why. When you want to achieve success, you cannot stay in one place. You’ll get stuck there while competition moves on around you. People’s needs change, so you have to keep up. Let me start by sharing with you 7 steps to improve yourself… Click to read more

3. 7 Success Habits You Need to Achieve Your Dreams

This Week On Ted McGrath...

Are success habits really necessary for you to succeed, or will you do just fine without them? I get asked about this a lot, and my answer is, it depends on how you view things. While having success habits is certainly beneficial, I think in some respects it can also work against people. For you to maximize success routines, I’m going to share with you these seven habits of successful people. Click to read more

4. How To Increase Your Net Worth Through Networking

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Whether you want to be a speaker, life coach, or lifestyle entrepreneur, you need to know how to increase your net worth. Now, why does it even matter? My goal is to help you create a lifestyle-friendly business that delivers a consistent flow of income, so you can have a better financial and personal life. The objective is to increase your net worth. I’m confident that this is what you also envision for yourself when you think of your ideal job. One of my key strategies to achieving this success for my clients is through building their network… Click to read more

5. 7 Effective Call to Action Examples

This Week On Ted McGrath...
Sometimes, looking for call to action examples can be challenging. However, it’s worth the extra effort. Once you find some powerful ones, your chance of getting your audience to say yes to your offer goes up significantly… Click to read more

What have you learned about business strategies this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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