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Become The Best Public Speaker In 5 Easy Steps

FEATURE | Become The Best Public Speaker In 5 Easy Steps

To be the best public speaker is easy. But first, you have to remember that there’s a new kind of coach and speaker. Adhering to the rules of this new kind of motivational speaking will make the biggest impact and give you the most success. Do you want to follow this path in public speaking? If so, and if you’re up for the challenge, here are my key insights on how you can become the best coach or great public speaker and rock your business.

The Best Public Speaker Can Be You in Just 5 Easy Steps

In This Article:

1. Be a Knowledge Seeker

Be A Knowledge Seeker | Become The Best Public Speaker In 5 Easy Steps

Here’s a new truth: the internet has leveled the playing field for everyone. The winners are now the best internet marketers — not the best coaches or motivational speakers.

To unlock your full potential as a successful coach or good speaker, you have to commit to learning all aspects of the business. Having full knowledge of speaking in public will open up more opportunities (talk about speaking engagements), give you fresh ideas, make effective public speaking, as well as help you make more stable decisions in the future.

If you want to master the art of public speaking, you need to become a master in marketing and sales. If you’re not constantly and aggressively learning in these areas, you’ll have a tough time succeeding as a great speaker.

2. Look for Opportunities

I’m always seeking out opportunities and analyzing them in terms of business potential — from the strategies I want to implement to the relationships I build.

For example, I recently bought my Facebook marketing team in-house so I can take ownership of Facebook Advertising instead of outsourcing it.

Social media is another huge opportunity for me right now; I want to have a huge impact on Facebook and other social media channels, and I want to grow my list through these channels. To achieve this, I’m investing my time in implementing a new strategy and creating a new team.

What opportunities did you maximize this year? What are the core opportunities you’re jumping on in the year to come?

3. Be a Relationship Builder

Be A Relationship Builder | Become The Best Public Speaker In 5 Easy Steps

Sometimes I think the only difference between the people who have success and those who don’t is the relationships they build.

You can’t sit at home in front of your computer and wonder how you’ll capitalize on those opportunities. To become the best public speaker, you need to build relationships with people who can help you figure out how to leverage yourself and grow your business. You can start with your audience.

I couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities above unless I already had strategic relationships in place. To create those relationships, I go to events. I join mastermind groups, and I put myself in the presence of smart, intelligent people.

What are the top five relationships you have right now which can help you open up great opportunities and grow your business?

4. Innovate

Think for yourself. Improve your public speaking skills by learning from others and innovating in a way that’s in alignment with you and your vision. Too often, we want to do something exactly the way professional speakers do it. But to achieve real success, you need to think for yourself and create your own strategy.

You may get inspiration from something else, but creating a unique twist on that is one of the key elements of making your brand known.

Innovate the marketing and message of your company to build your brand.

5. Be a Communicator

Be a Communicator | Become The Best Public Speaker In 5 Easy Steps

The new type of coach or motivational speaker is a marketer.

Think about it: Where do the opportunities lie in getting your brand and message out to the world? In marketing. What are the relationships which can serve you the most? With marketers.

You might think of yourself as a coach or speaker or entrepreneur, but if you’re not also a marketer, your success will be limited.

You can also communicate and market while you speak in public. In your motivational speeches, use body language, make eye contact, hand gestures and make the most out of your presentation skills. Connect with your audience members. Your stage is an avenue for you to get your brand and point your message.


Do you want to be the best public speaker? Let me share you my pointers in detail in the video below:

There are a lot of motivational speakers that share life-changing messages but only those who constantly evolve to adapt to the changes and updates in today’s society can stay relevant. Maximize the opportunities you have, and you can become the best public speaker you want to become.

What do you need to work on to become the best speaker there is? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 14, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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