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5 Steps to Becoming a Top Speaker

How to make money speaking

There’s a new kind of coach and speaker.

This new kind of coach and speaker will make the biggest impact and experience the most success!

Here are my key insights to how you can be this coach or speaker. This will help you rock your business in 2016:

1. Be a knowledge seeker.

Here’s the new truth: the internet has levelled the playing field for everyone.

And the winners are the best internet marketers – not the best coaches or motivational speakers.

To unlock your full potential as a successful coach or speaker, you have to commit to learning all aspects of the business.

In particular, you need to become a master in marketing and sales. If you’re not constantly and aggressively learning in these areas, you will have a tough time succeeding.

2. Look for opportunities.

I am always seeking out opportunities and analyzing them in terms of business potential, from the strategies I want to implement to the relationships I build.

For example, I recently brought my Facebook marketing team in-house so I can take ownership of Facebook Advertising in 2016 instead of outsourcing it.

Social media is another huge opportunity for me right now; I want to have a huge impact on Facebook and other social media channels and I want to grow my list through these channels. To achieve this, I’m implementing a new strategy and creating a new team.

What are the core opportunities you’re jumping on in 2016?

3. Be a relationship builder.

Sometimes I think the only difference between the people who have success and those who don’t is the relationships they build.

You can’t sit at home in front of your computer and wonder how you will capitalize on those opportunities. You need to build relationships with people who can help you figure out how to leverage yourself and grow your business.

I couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities above unless I had strategic relationships in place. To create those relationships, I go to events, I join mastermind groups and I put myself in the presence of smart, intelligent people.

What are the top 5 relationships you have right now that can help you open up great opportunities and grow your business?

4. Innovate.

Think for yourself. Learn from others and innovate in a way that is in alignment with you and your vision. Too often we want to do something exactly the way someone else does it, but to achieve real success, you need to think for yourself and create your own strategy. Innovate the marketing and message of your company to build your brand.

5. Be a communicator.

The new type of coach or motivational speaker is a marketer.

Think about it: where do the opportunities lie in getting your brand and message out to the world? In marketing. Who are the relationships that can serve you the most? They’re marketers.

You might think of yourself as a coach or speaker or entrepreneur but if you’re not a marketer, your success will be limited.

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