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Never Be Closing: My Inspiration Behind The Sales Book

In the competitive world of business today, it is not enough to just be a Sales Professional. To survive the fierce competition, you must rather be a Sales EntrepreneurBeing a Sales Entrepreneur means creating value by helping your customer realize their desires and vision, and inspiring them to take action now. My book, Never Be Closing: The 7 Essentials for Inspired Sales Success, can help you reach your goals as a Sales Entrepreneur.

Never Be Closing: Inspire People To Take Action

Never Be Closing: Inspire People To Take Action

An overview on Never Be Closing

I wrote Never Be Closing when I first started out in the sales industry. I’ll never forget the experience writing this book because it was one of the most gratifying experiences in my life.

Never Be Closing is for Sales Professionals who desire to have an edge in the competitive business world. As I mentioned earlier, to survive in the sales industry these days, you have to be a Sales Entrepreneur. And in this book, you will learn sales principles and processes that you can apply to inspire your clients to take immediate action and in turn, increase your sales.

The inspiration behind Never Be Closing

As a rookie in the sales industry at that time, I was inspired by my goal to make it big. Coupled with my love for writing, it gave me the inspiration to write my own sales book.

But my motivation for Never Be Closing was to write a different kind of sales book—a book that’s a cross between sales and inspiration. So this sales book is more about who you need to be as a salesperson. Then, of course, we also have the sales essentials: practical tools on how to diffuse objections, how to have an enrollment conversation, how to make a phone conversation, and how to “close” the deal. All of which, to me, are about inspiring people to take action.

The motivation behind this book is literally inspiring people to take action. I believe that as salespeople, we should inspire people to take action on their dreams. We should inspire them to take action to transform their lives. It doesn’t matter what we are selling—it should improve and inspire people to have better lives.

Inspiring people

Like anything, when I first started writing my book, I thought, “Wow, you know this is going to change everything.” You start doing one thing, and you think it’s just going to change your entire life. Well, it might have changed my entire life if I had a good marketing system. But it didn’t change my life in the sense of getting myself more visibility because after I wrote the book, I shelved it.

But now, I give Never Be Closing away and sell it. I give it away sometimes as a free gift. I also sell the hard copy online. Now people around the world are reading this inspirational sales book. Even years after it is still so relevant.

My next book is going to be more inspirational. It will be geared more towards dreams and mission, rather than a sales book because I myself have always been mission-driven. It will be more of a transformation-driven sales book than anything.


As a Sales Entrepreneur, you always have an opportunity to make someone’s life better. Maximize this opportunity by learning how you can inspire people to take immediate action to transform their lives. More than imparting sales principles, Never Be Closing will set you apart in the industry by teaching you who you need to be as a salesperson. When your purpose for selling is to help others, you will find fulfillment in your profession.

How about you? What drives your job or career? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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