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Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath…

1. 15 Effective Public Speaking Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Not everyone is born a great speaker — in fact, the majority of individuals need public speaking tips to overcome stage jitters. I enjoy giving talks and speaking on stages, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous. Aside from practicing, I’ve picked up several habits to keep my nerves at bay… Click to read more

2. Stand In Your Value | How To Price Your Service According To Its Worth

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
If you’re looking for ways to assess value and better price your service, you’re on the right page. Many coaches, speakers, service-based practitioners, celebrities, and artists create programs and enroll clients, and yet they’re still not happy with their professional situation. They usually under-charge and don’t know how to attract dream clients. In the end, they spend a lot of time chasing potential clients and being worried about the next month’s income. Let me tell you how you can overcome this problem in three points. Here’s how to price a service or product based on its worth… Click to read more

3. 12 Best Personal Growth Books You Should Read

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
While some books are a good read, the best personal growth books are written to inspire. They move you, they influence you, they transform you into a better version of yourself every single day. If you need a pick me up or even a complete turnaround, it’s time to invest in these self-empowerment books. Don’t forget to forward these best personal growth books to your friends as they may need a little bit of a push just as you do! Click to read more


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