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Make Your Message Stand Out When You Feel Like It’s The Same as Anybody Else’s

Are you wondering how to make your message stand out when you speak publicly? When I started out, I also wondered the same thing, especially when there’s the same message that others want to share out there too. But what I realized is that every story is unique. With that said, every way of story-telling is unique too. If you want to learn how I do it, read my message to you below!

How to Make Your Message Stand Out

make your message stand out

Your Message is Unique

What do you do when you feel like your message is the same as somebody else’s? How do you make your message stand out? Here’s the thing: a message is unique to one person when they have their story behind it.

If you feel like your story is similar to other people’s, it may only look like that at a glance because a lot of people teach similar topics.Nevertheless, I would encourage you to share your story, because within your story is your true message.

Your Message is Your Own Story

I always say your story is your message to millions. Why? When you look at your life’s story, your message actually comes from your life’s story and your journey.

It comes from heartaches that you’ve had. From pit moments in your journey of being down and out. It comes from breaking through and learning something that was so transformational for you that you want to share it and pass it on. It comes from the skill sets that you developed through your life experience and your life lessons.

If you really look into your personal journey and ask yourself: what have I learned? What are my life lessons? And from those, what’s the message I want to share with the world?

Your Message is Real

You’ll find that it’s totally unique. Your story is your message to millions, because when you share it there will always be someone listening who resonates with your story, because it’s so personal.

It’s because it’s emotional. It’s because it’s real. People will resonate with similar emotions because they’ve had similar emotions and experiences on their own journey. Life experiences come in so many different, abundant ways it’s impossible to have the same message as somebody else.

How to Make Your Message Stand Out Right Now

So what can you do if you feel like your message doesn’t stand out right now? Start by exploring your personal story. Go look at that pit moment in your life that every hero goes through on the hero’s journey, where you felt like you could never get out of this moment. You’re in the darkness and somehow you found a way through.

That journey’s unique to you. When you found a way through, and you broke through, and you created results in your life, the way you broke through, the way you created results, that journey is unique to you. Somewhere, in between the pit and the breakthrough of your life, there’s a message, something you want to share.

To feel like your message is unique, you’ve got to feel like you went into a unique place inside of yourself, and you pulled it out. There’s no better way to do that than by telling your story. Look at your life, look at your personal story, and see just how unique you are. There’s nobody like you.

Want to hear more about how to make your message stand out? Check out my video below:

With more than 7 billion people in the world, it is natural to feel like someone out there has the same story as you. This is what makes humans relate to each other and understand one another. However, the reality is, while you may have the same story as someone else, it’s not 100% the same! This is where your uniqueness lies and you have to own it and believe it! You can listen to this episode and download its mp3 from my podcast for free: What To Do When You Feel Like Your Message Is The Same As Somebody Else’s

Have you ever felt like you can’t deliver your message the way you want to? Let us know in the comments section below how you overcame this.

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