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Life Coach Training | Things To Consider Before Enrolling

Are you considering enrolling in a life coach training program? If you are, then you might feel that being a life coach is your calling. So how do you become a certified life coach? You can become a life coach online through free online life coaching or enroll in a center near you. But before you do do that, here’s a list of things you need to consider about this career move.

Life Coach Training Program | What You Must Know

Helping clients realize their dreams | Life Coach Training | Things To Consider Before Enrolling

1. Life coaching is a skill to learn.

Being a life coach isn’t just about having the passion for helping someone else. It’s also about being able to run your own coaching business and make a living out of it, especially if you’ve left your old job and are focusing on this new endeavor.

The truth is, the life coaching business isn’t just a business to profit from. It’s not like you’re just selling a service, earning money, and that’s that. You do actually have to put in the work, which means that you have to study, enroll in life coach training, earn a certificate, and be great at what you do! Life coaching is a skill that you acquire through learning and training. And just like any skill, you have to keep working at it for continuous improvement.

2. Passion will not always run the business.

So you love being a life coach, does this mean you’ll be earning plenty of profits? Not really. Many of us are led to believe that if you’re passionate about something and you turn it into a business, that it will really work out for you. Reality check, that doesn’t happen all the time.

Remember, you need clients to have a successful business, and your success will most likely depend on how many clients you have and how many of those clients stick by you. Let’s say that a life coach earns around $300 to $500 dollars per month. If you get eight to 10 clients, then you’re surely going to be okay financial-wise.

However, it’s not easy to get eight to 10 clients who will really stay the entire month with you. Some will drop out, some will keep canceling, and some won’t come back at all. The truth is, you also have to do the work to keep your clients and to keep attracting new clients. Without them, passion won’t bring in the profits.

3. Marketing is a necessity.

Just like with any business, marketing is key to attracting clients. The only problem is, your product isn’t tangible, which makes it harder to sell. Imagine talking to someone and telling them that you can actually make their life better just by talking with them. It seems quite far-fetched, right?

It’s hard to explain to someone why he or she needs life coaching. And it’s going to be tougher to convince someone why they should choose you to coach them. Thus, you won’t just need to market the business, you also have to market yourself. Because in all seriousness, this business revolves around you and your skills.

4. It is about helping, not telling, others what to do.

You might be the expert, but you don’t get to commandeer your clients’ lives. Always keep in mind that you are a tool used to achieve solutions or answers to problems. You are not the answer. This means that as a life coach, you are using your skill set to help a client and not using your expertise to control anyone’s life.

The earlier you realize this, the more open-minded you become when tackling different life issues from your clients. The more you accept this fact, the better you can utilize your skills to help clients solve their problems. You also have to realize that every person is different. What works for you may not work for a client. What works for another client might not work for the other. You really have to understand each situation and come up with the best solution based on that situation alone.

Apply what you’ve learned through life coach training, but don’t be afraid to go out of the box once in a while. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to improve a person’s life.

Goals are nothing without action. Here’s a friendly reminder to keep you driven!

5. Work on your personality.

Needless to say, a life coach needs to have an awesome personality. You have to be relatable, sociable, and approachable. That said, you have to bring that great personality into your work.

There are various things that mold one’s personality and personability, and this is where your strength helps your work as a life coach. Are you a health buff? Why not use that passion to become both a health and life coach! Have you been through so much in life? Use that experience to help relate to your clients better.

Another thing you must realize is that when clients choose you to be your life coach, they also want to listen to your story. They want to be able to relate to you on any level, just so they’re more comfortable and convinced that you are the best coach, advisor, and mentor for them.

6. Be prepared to invest.

When I say be prepared to invest, I mean investing financially, mentally, and emotionally. Even though it is a business for you, the core of your service is about helping, and hand-holding. You can’t always go by the book and follow a scientific method to solve your client’s problems. Without your willingness to care, you won’t be helping clients to the best of your ability.

Starting a life coaching business will definitely have its ups and downs. Your first year might be the hardest. You will sacrifice a lot. You will adjust and adapt to different situations. And most importantly, you will pour your energy, sweat, tears, and love into this new career. There’s also plenty of money involved in enrolling in life coach training programs, and often, you will need to enroll in several programs.

7. Love what you do.

If you are making the career change because you heard that life coaches make big money, that really won’t cut it. This is a job that will need emotional investment (as previously mentioned) and your client also deserves that love and attention from you.

Keep in mind that clients are actually pouring their heart and soul out to you. They put their 100% trust in you to help and guide them. They deserve nothing but the best from you. But if you’re only thinking about the money, that “best” from you won’t come out.

Furthermore, when you’re a life coach, you need to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged all the time. You must find a way to stay inspired as much as possible as you will be the source of inspiration for your clients. Only love for your job will keep you on your toes and push you to always give your best.


Life coaching is a great job. It is very fulfilling to help others who are in need. But in order for you to serve them with your full potential, you have to go through proper life coach training first and get tons of experience as well. Treat this job seriously. Love it with all your heart. Be prepared for whatever gets in your way and push through every obstacle. Embrace the power of being a life coach and help change lives!

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