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Use The Sales Funnel to Your Advantage | What Is Marketing Funnel Automation? Its Importance In Career Building

1. What Is A Webinar | Get To Know How To Create One

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted Mcgrath...
Learning how to create a webinar is one of the essential steps you can do to make online marketing work. Let me walk you through my 27-step framework that helps convert and sell. By the end of this post, you’ll know what it is and how to use it to enroll clients in your program… Click to read more

2. What Is Marketing Funnel Automation? (Spoiler: It’s Customers On Autopilot!)

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted Mcgrath...
I’ll say it up front: you need to learn marketing funnel automation. You and your sales team or marketers cannot chase lead after lead all the time. In fact, once you have the system in place, you don’t need to do the running at all. I’ll give you ideas how to do it… Click to read more

3. Overcoming Sales Objections | How to Turn Customer Objections

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted Mcgrath...
Overcoming sales objections is a cinch when you follow the advice I give in this entry. You can also listen to this episode and download its audio version from my podcast for free: The Objection Eliminator… Click to read more

4. How To Master A Stage Presentation And Become An Effective Speaker

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted Mcgrath...
As a speaker and coach, I’ve learned that success begins with mastering stage presentation. The moment you do, there’s no limit to your engagement with your audience or the topics you can talk about. You can effectively deliver the message you want to share and you can provide the transformation your audience members are looking for. What stage presentation skills do you need to be an effective speaker? Click to read more

5. 7 Inspiring Personal Growth Quotes To Make Life More Meaningful

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted Mcgrath...
Personal growth quotes have been handy in helping me improve my personal development and career through the years. I think it’s time for me to share them with you in the hopes they inspire you as well. Remember, as long as you are alive, the process of personal growth never stops. May these quotes motivate you to create a more meaningful life… Click to read more

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