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Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath…

1. How to Get Started as a Motivational Speaker

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Have you discovered your calling? Is helping others your gift? Do you wish to inspire and energize the world with your message of hope? Click to read more

2. 5 Kinds Of Sales Videos That Sell

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
I’ve talked about the importance of sales videos and using them to market your programs. After all, video content is always engaging and is a perfect complement to texts. Many studies have also shown marketing sales videos provide high conversion rate. Sales experts couldn’t agree more. With all this in mind, today I want to walk you through series of video content for your website or Facebook ads… Click to read more

3. Mindset Definition And Secrets For 2018

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Today, I am going to share with you what I’ve learned about the definition of mindset. This is very important because having the right mindset can change your life. I know my paradigm shift certainly changed the way I do things and helped me optimize my business… Click to read more

4. How To Create A Message That Is Unique And Compelling

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Let me begin by asking: do you think giving personal narrative examples help craft a unique and compelling message? The answer is a resounding YES! Click to read more


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