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How To Upsell To A Second Paid Offer Online

Just like your calls to action, it’s never enough that you’ve made the first offer online – you have to learn how to upsell your second one. Does that sound confusing? Don’t worry, I’ll give the essential tips on upselling to provide you with an excellent head start.

How To Upsell And Elevate Clients With A Second Offer

Before you know the techniques on how to upsell products such as your coaching programs, you should know first how and why you have a second paid offer.

It’s all part of creating your marketing or sales funnel for your coaching program. Everything begins with the opt-in page, where you will encourage your marketing leads to give their emails in exchange for a free gift.

The free gift goes straight into the mailbox. On the other hand, your leads are still on the page, but this time, there is the first paid offer.

This is the beginning of your low-tier marketing funnel. I call it as such since your very first paid offer costs the cheapest. It can be as low as $37 or even less than that.

The purpose of the low-tier offer is to have as many of your subscribers to buy the product.

Here’s the exciting part: most of those who buy the first paid offer are more likely to make another purchase.

This is where the second paid offer comes in. At this point, you’ve already established a commitment to your buyers, so you can now increase the price point too, say, $97. That’s how to upsell.

You may be thinking, “But, Ted, no one’s going to buy $97 or even get a second offer.” Based on experience, it’s untrue. Besides, it’s an excellent way to know who among your buyers are genuinely committed to the coaching program and not only after your free gift.

Tips On How To Upsell Your Second Offer

Now you know the purpose of the second offer and how to give it, let’s deal with the upselling strategies:

1. Link It To The First Paid Offer

Link It To The First Paid Offer | How To Upsell To A Second Paid Offer

The first tip on how to upsell is to establish a link to the previous action they took. You want to make the transition as smooth as possible to keep up with the momentum.

2. Copy The Formula Of The First Paid Offer

Copy The Formula Of The First Paid Offer | How To Upsell To A Second Paid Offer

Remember the first tip about continuity? You can do that by just copying the steps for the first paid offer:

  • Define the problem or the opportunity that this new proposal is going to solve.
  • Decide what that product is going to do for them. What are its benefits? What’s possible once they actually go through the product? What are the outcomes they’re going to receive the product?
  • Name the offer. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to capture the purpose of your offer. For example, I have a Fast Client Formula blueprint. By its name alone, you know it’s going to teach you how to enroll clients quickly in your coaching program.

3. Make It Quick

Make It Quick | How To Upsell To A Second Paid Offer

Another step on how to upsell is to do it fast. After they’re done with the first offer, they should immediately go to the second offer.

This is how I usually do it: “Many of my clients who have purchased the Fast Client Formula have another question in their mind. ‘How do I get clients day in, day out on a consistent basis for the rest of my career, so I never have to worry about cash flow again?’”

Then I link the page to the second paid offer, which is the Never-Ending Client System.

The Never-Ending Client System is a system that helps them get clients day in, day out, month after month so they can create the steady cash flow in their business. That’s a compelling offer for offer number two, right?

What makes it compelling is it’s the next logical step. Offer one, how to get clients. Offer two, how to get a never-ending stream of clients.

4. Price Accordingly

The cool thing is I really highlight the problem in offer number two because that’s what sells it, right? I’m elevating the client from $37 to $97, so they take the first step. They get the first offer, and they’re in the game. They’re elevating to where I want to eventually make my customer, which is into my higher coaching programs, but they have to climb the steps to get there.

But the one thing you have to remember when learning how to upsell is to price appropriately. We don’t want them to be too steep. If you take too big of a price jump for people, you lose them, and they’re not going to make that big decision.

Remember, my offer has to be compelling. If my offer’s not persuasive, if it’s not logical, if it doesn’t make sense to the client, they’re not going to buy it.

Use This As Your Guide On How To Upsell

Use This As Your Guide On How To Upsell | How To Upsell To A Second Paid Offer

I have here a short exercise on how to upsell your second paid offer. You can use it as your guide until you can master the process. Grab your pen and paper for this:

  1. When people buy your first offer, what do they need next? What problem do you need to solve for them? What opportunity do they want? Write your answers down.
  2. Price your offer. I just want you to pick a number for now. Is it $27? Is it $37? Write it down.
  3. List all the different benefits of your offer. What is it helping your customer actually do? If they go through this program, what are the benefits going to be to them?
  4. Brainstorm the outcomes of using your product. Name your product. Can you put the issue in one word? If you know the result, then naming it becomes really easy.

And we’re done! Hopefully, with the discussion and the worksheet, you’ll feel more confident on how to upsell your second paid offer. Keep in mind the system doesn’t have to be perfect. You just need to give it your best.

What are the things you want to learn how to upsell? Leave your answers below.

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