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How to Launch Your Product or Program Online and Reach Millions

Hey, it’s Ted McGrath with Message to Millions, and in today’s video, I want to talk to you about how to launch a product or program online? A lot of people have been asking me recently, “Ted, how do I launch online?” There’s lots of confusion around it, because most people don’t have a starting point and don’t know what their options are.

The number one thing I want to talk about right now is to decide what product or program you want to offer up to the world first.

There’s lots of options out there, and I find getting really clear on the program that you want to sell first, is the most important first step. Once you’re clear on what your product or program is, there’s different ways to market this product online.

Let me give you some examples of this, recently I did a launch online where I launched one of my products. I did over a million dollars in sales online. But that product that I launched was a combination of two different things.

Your going to need to create a funnel to launch your program or product online.  A funnel is simply a series of steps a potential client takes to become more aware of your work and ultimately your product or program.  The goal of the funnel is the help your potential client become confident that your product or program solves the problem they have and as a result of this confidence, they purchase it.

What kind of funnel should you use to launch your product or program online?

You’ll often hear me refer to funnels as “marketing funnels, sales funnels, product funnels, or coaching funnels.”  Now initially, you can use a “coaching funnel.” In fact, almost a million dollars of our sales came from this actual coaching funnel, where all we were selling was a coaching program.

A lot of times, people think that launching a product or a program online, means spending … hours, upon hours, upon hours developing a product and creating videos. Then they’ve got to have the members area, and they’ve got to have all of this stuff. But what if launching your coaching program online was much simpler?

The simplest steps for selling your product or program online are:

For us, to sell our coaching program online, which was a program that was in the tens of thousands of dollars, we made it super simple.  All we created was an opt-in page to give away some type of free gift, number one. Number two, after opting in for the free gift, we sent people to an actual video. The video talked about them becoming my next success story and joining my Mastermind program.

When you think about launching online, if you’re already coaching, you don’t really have to do much here in terms of developing a program. You just to set up a few steps to sell this program online.  

To get quality customers on the phone, we started with a coaching funnel where we created the opt in page to capture the e-mail address then sent people through to the coaching offer page which had a video and some copy. Then we asked them to put down a $497 deposit to actually speak to a coach (this deposit was refundable if the program was not a match).

We only got high-quality people on the phone. About 50% of the people who showed up to the phone call enrolled in one of our programs. Now, we also had a higher-tier program, so we were prepared to upsell if the higher tier program was a better fit for the person we were speaking to.  When you’re selling high-end programs online, you can price them anywhere, in my opinion, from about $10,000 all the way up to about $100,000. We’ve sold $100,000 programs over the phone. The point is, be prepared when you launch your program or product online using a coaching funnel, to have an even higher offer should the opportunity present itself.  

You don’t have to chase clients anymore.

The cool thing is, this simple coaching funnel can be launched online quickly and easily and it can save you a lot of time.  For me, the only way I used to make high-end sales before was spending a lot of time chasing people down, and going to live events to meet people, develop relationships, or leading my own live events. But now I’ve realized that through this simple marketing funnel I’ve put together, I’m able to get high-quality people on the phone without chasing after them.

Let’s recap:

  1. Launching a product is knowing what you want to offer up first, and really getting clear on that.
  2. Designing a funnel that can actually funnel the client (the lead) when it comes in, to a specific offer to sell your product or program.
  3. Really knowing how to capture leads and bring in leads.

Let’s talk about number 3:  You have options with that. We’ve utilized this funnel to get high-end clients, and sign them up for our coaching programs. We’ve used this actually through doing strategic partner mailings, where strategic partners promoted for us. And we’ve also done it through Facebook advertising.  Essentially you need traffic to capture leads and traffic can come from Facebook advertising, strategic partners, or any other source that gets your offer seen by lots of potential clients.

Like creating webinars?

Another way you can use a funnel to launch online is with a webinar.  Think about launching online, whether it’s a coaching program or product… When we launch a product like one of our $2,000 programs like our Message to Millions program, or our Superstar Speaker training, the primary way that we sell that program is through a webinar. The vehicle of selling that is a simple webinar versus the coaching funnel that I laid out before.

You can utilize a funnel with a webinar to sell your program or product, but there is more work that goes into that because you’ve got to create all of the content for that, versus launching with a coaching funnel where you just need a free offer, one video, and a phone, and you’re rock’n and roll’n.  

When we use webinars to sell our online products that are audio and video programs, it takes time to develop that. It takes more resources of a team. I’m not saying don’t do that. I’m saying you can do that. But it just takes a little bit more thinking, planning out, and strategizing on it.  

A funnel with a webinar might look like this:  Opt in for a free offer, then splash through to a registration page for a free webinar.  At the end of the webinar (this can be live or evergreen), an offer is made to buy the program OR get on the phone with you.  It really depends on how aware people are of your solution. If it takes a little explaining to share how valuable your solution is and to make people more aware of it – a webinar can be great for this.

Another type of funnel you can use to launch your product or program online is a product funnel.  In a product funnel, we use low-tier products. This funnel’s primary purpose is to grow a list. My funnel product looks like this:  Opt in for a free product, then see a $37 product, purchase the product, then see one more product highly relevant to the first one and it costs $97.  After purchasing the $97 product, they see a free coaching session offer.

You choose how you want to launch your program or product online…

When you’re launching online, you need to understand what you’re launching and why. In the first example I gave you, I wanted to launch a high-end program. In the second example I gave you, this was more an online program or product for $1,000 or $2,000. In the third example, it was a low-tier offer, $37 to $100, and the strategy is for me to grow my list and sell lots of low-tier products to get customers. Which one do you want? That’s the cool thing, you can choose. It’s about getting clarity. So I’m giving you a little bit of a menu to choose from today.

I hope you enjoyed this. If this inspired you, I encourage you to share the article and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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