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How To Get Started As A Coach, Speaker, Or Entrepreneur

People come to my events wondering how to get started in their respective fields, how to find success. Most often, they ask me this: “Ted, how do you start becoming a coach, a speaker, or an entrepreneur?” or “What should I do to get the ball rolling, so to speak?” You’ll be surprised at how simple the answer is.

How To Get Started | Here’s The Simplest Answer

Just Start 

Just Start | How To Get Started As A Coach, Speaker, Or Entrepreneur

Are you interested in understanding how to get started as a coach, speaker, or entrepreneur? The answer is to start. Just start.

I know it sounds counterintuitive or easy enough. You may ask, “But, really, Ted, how do I start?” Again, just start.

Hear me out for a moment. When you come to think of it, when you give into this idea, you’ll realize you can actually begin anything.

Place of Confusion 

One of the biggest challenges with understanding how to get started is getting stuck in a place of confusion. For instance, people who haven’t yet begun a long-held dream are usually stuck here. Because they’re in this place, they don’t have a stable place to move forward from. They’re basically stuck at the starting line.

When you start anything, you sort of rev up the engine. Then, along the way, you find yourself moving in a more stable place. Ultimately, you get out of that state of confusion.

If you’re wondering how to get started, but you’re still feeling stuck in the moment and haven’t started yet, I can promise that you’ll only end up procrastinating more and more.

My One-Man Show 

My One-Man Show | How To Get Started As A Coach, Speaker, Or Entrepreneur

Here’s an example on how to get started. I have this one-man show where I play many different characters and talk about my journey. I have a script I worked on with my good friend, James. However, I haven’t performed it in a while.

That means a part of me has this little mind chatter, saying, “Am I excited about the show? Do I want to go on with the show?”

Still, I know that the moment I get on the stage and do the show, it’s the greatest thing in the world. It’s because I started. I got in the game and did it.

Too Many Excuses 

Too Many Excuses | How To Get Started As A Coach, Speaker, Or Entrepreneur

Part of the reason people don’t get fully comprehend how to get started is because they have too many excuses. You create these justifications in your head why you should not begin. “Oh, it doesn’t mean much to me” or “Oh, it’s not the right time.” You can come up with the most ridiculous excuse in the world why you’re not starting something.

It’s like my one-man show. If I want to start it, I get up on the stage and do it scene by scene. When you want to learn how to get started in business like motivational speaking, then you have to talk to clients now. Get one client and talk about your business idea. If you’re done with this person, move to another.

The truth is, most people know how to get started. Now is your strategy the most optimal way? Maybe. Still, even if you fail, you’re one more move ahead of those who haven’t started.

Wherever you are today, take some action to start the game. I realize the more action I take, the more I build momentum. I am confident it’s the same thing for you. So get started.

Is there something you want to get started now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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