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7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

IMPORTANT: This is the BEST article I have ever written on getting High Paying Clients, so BOOKMARK this page and read it 2-3 times, or if you don’t have time to read it now, DO NOT MISS coming back to this.

For Coaches, Consultants, Service Businesses that want high paying clients ONLINE for consistent income, more freedom, and a business that transforms the world.

These are the EXACT 7 steps I wish I knew when I was making six figures and WANTED to break the 7 figure mark.

These 7 steps have helped me:

  1. Get 1.34 High-End Coaching and Consulting Clients Delivered Every Single Day through a simple marketing funnel.
  2. Get Paid Between 2 k and 200 k per client through coaching, consulting, Done for you Services, and Live Events.
  3. Earn a six-figure income every single month while making millions with my message and impacting millions.

My sales team sold almost $70,000 in High End coaching programs on the phone in ONE day because of these 7 steps, so pay close attention.

Are you surprised to know that most business owners struggle to…

=> Price and Package their programs and services so they get paid what they are worth

=> Find The Perfect Audience ONLINE with high paying clients ready to join your programs and services

=> Build a 7 figure business that gives them freedom, consistent income, and an opportunity to change lives

The most critical step you can take to cash flow your business as a life coach, business coach, service business, practitioner, consultant, or speaker is…

Step 1. Package and Price Your High-End Programs and Services

Package and Price Your High-End Programs and Services | 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

The biggest mistake life coaches, business coaches, consultants, experts, service businesses, speakers, and online marketers make is they don’t have at least TWO tiers to their high-end programs.

Did you know that Tier 2 can triple the revenue in your business?

Let me give you an example:

I offer Tier 1 programs in my business between 2k and 8 k.

While most people think I only offer 40 k, 100 k, and 200 k packages that would be a huge mistake.

My programs that are priced from 8 k to 200 k are my Tier 2 programs.

The Majority of clients aren’t going to come directly into the 40 k, 100 k, or 200 k programs.

Those are the 3% like me and you!

The Majority will come in at the Tier 1 level between 2 k and 8k and then they will upgrade to the Tier 2 packages later on.

My philosophy has always been “why wait,” but most of the world does wait and you have to create programs that get people in the game first!

A Tier 1 Program could be one of one coaching programs, group coaching programs, consulting, done for you services, live events, or any Service.

Tier 1 is priced between 2 and 10 k, so it’s typically a shorter program.

Whereas, Tier 2 tends to be a year-long program or Service you provide.

If you want more info on packaging your programs and how to structure your programs then GO DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF THE HIGH PAYING CLIENT BOOK.

Now let me give you a tip on PRICING before I move on to the next step.

You should price your programs based on the transformation that your clients are going to receive.

Too many businesses or coaches price their programs and services based on TIME or based on INDUSTRY pricing.

You are no longer at the TIME for dollars model, you are in the results model that’s geared towards transforming someone’s life or business etc..

LIST 3 Transformations that your service or program provides and then ask yourself this question…

What is this transformation worth to my client?

I just enrolled in a program that helps create spiritual freedom which means I will unleash my potential in my business once and for all, from impacting millions and making millions to impacting hundreds of millions and making hundreds of millions.

It’s going to help my fiancé and I grow even closer and create an amazing future together for our family based on values, ethics, and being amazing people.

Just these TWO transformations above are worth millions to me!

Now I didn’t pay six figures for this service but I paid a high five figures!!!

Pricing is based on TRANSFORMATION.


And most people say…Well, I have a life coaching program or I teach stuff that doesn’t have to do with making money.

It doesn’t have to be directly related to money to charge High Prices for High Transformation.

My Client David is a Chiropractor who created a brand called MAN ON FIRE and charges $5,000 for a weekend LIVE Retreat and $35,000 for his year-long group coaching program.

Before he met me he was charging $50 per client for a group session.

I taught him to price and sell based on the Transformation.

Today he is crushing it with his marketing funnel using Facebook Ads.

It’s time you set up a Facebook Ad to get high paying clients chasing after you.

If you want help Pricing and Packaging Your Programs or Services then Book a FREE Coaching Session here.

Step 2. Create a Message That Communicates Simply, Practically, and Powerfully

Create a Message That Communicates Simply, Practically, and Powerfully | 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

The simple part of my message is that I’m helping you get high-end clients.

The Practical part of my message is that I’m showing you how to get high-end clients every single day.

The Powerful part of my message is I’m showing you how to do it online with a simple High Paying Client FUNNEL.

The Other Powerful part is that High-End Clients Create Greater Income, Impact, and a Lifestyle you Deserve.

So then I take my message and I put it into a powerful statement such as:

I help [My Ideal Client] Do THIS so They Can Have and Become THAT.

I help coaches, consultants, experts, service businesses, and speakers get high-end clients every single day online for greater income, impact, and the lifestyle you deserve.

List 5 things you are helping your clients HAVE


List 3 Things You are helping your client BECOME


Becoming is always more powerful than doing or having.

Don’t you like my practical approach to figuring out a message.

Now write your message statement here, because this is HUGELY important when you start creating your Facebook Ad in Step # 6.

Ok, let’s dive into the story, another client attraction necessity!

Step 3. Master Your Personal Story To Pull Clients To You

Master Your Personal Story To Pull Clients To You | 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

“The man who said the story didn’t matter, was letting the fruits of his life pass him by, for a story untold was a wasted one.

Story Telling since the beginning of time has inspired…

It’s inspired the hearts of lost causes, the actions of lost soldiers, and the spirits of lost men.

Tell a story and watch the people rise.

Tell a good story and watch a person transform.

Tell a personal story and watch the world cry tears of joy for another being has been freed from the shackles of his mind and solitude.

Storytelling connects us, empowers us, and frees us to be us.”

-Ted McGrath

A story sells the transformation your program, product, or service is offering to your client.

I cracked six figures in the insurance business at 21 years old and I overdosed on drugs and alcohol that night, and my story and message almost die inside of me.

I created my brand message to millions because I believe that your story and your message sell your clients on a transformation that can serve millions
and help you make millions.

You deserve to get paid for high end consulting and coaching because you are GOOD ENOUGH and your story and message and transformation changes the lives of your clients.

The High Paying Client Book is really about you standing in your own value and standing for the transformation of your clients.


What’s your story?

Every great story has two main components that you will learn about in THE HIGH PAYING CLIENT BOOK.

Every story has A PIT, which is that down and out moment for the character where the drain breathing down his neck and you wonder how he will ever make it out of this situation.


Every Story has a BREAKTHROUGH, a moment where a new decision was made and the characters life changed.

We love an underdog, and if the character isn’t in a situation where he is down in that PIT, then we never get to see the underdog breakthrough.

My pit moment was when I was when I cracked six figures in income at 22 years old in the insurance business, and that night I went out and found myself on the kitchen floor at 4 am overdosing from a bag of cocaine, two pills of ecstasy and my should be coming out of the top of my head.

The truth is I NEVER felt good enough, and no amount of money was ever going to heal this feeling of now being good enough.

My one-man theater show is called GOOD ENOUGH.

I was just looking a the video testimonials that people gave after they saw the show, and the common feedback about the show it that it was transformational, that merely watching it was a healing process and a story of hope for the audience. HOPE that they too could change their lives and live their dreams.

It’s a story of the UNDERDOG!

Your Story Telling Time has begun!

If you need help with your story or Message, book a Free Coaching Session Here.

Step 4. Create A Compelling Presentation Online That Books an Endless Stream of Free Consultations

Clients aren’t going to buy HIGH-END Programs and Services without talking to someone.

As much as the internet makes communication faster, the goal of this online presentation
is to help you STOP CHASING CLIENTS.

What if you or your sales team could show up to a HIGHLY QUALIFIED conversation with clients who are thirsting to buy your programs and services?

The Right presentation, with the right message, and the right Call To Action can Set you up
with Highly Qualified potential High-End Clients.

I use 10-15 minute videos to sell six figures of programs every single month.

A video is going to address 3 very important things:

  1. Video will speak to your clients’ BIG PROBLEMS so they know they are understood.
  2. Video will paint the BIG PICTURE SOLUTION so your clients know they can HAVE IT ALL.
  3. Video will show them the EXACT 3-7 steps they must take so they understand the path to having it all.

If you do this, you are going to engage the client through your VIDEO presentation to do the most important step of all….. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION with you or one of your sales coaches.

If you don’t know how to do a SALES CONVERSATION Effectively then read STEP 7, because it goes in detail.

By now, you are probably sold that this is the path, so you should go BOOK A FREE CONSULT with my Sales Coach.

Why is this the path, because Imagine for a moment that you could be CLONED.

Imagine you could be seen in a million different places at once.

Book your free coaching session here if you need help on your VIDEO presentation

Step 5. Setting up your High Paying Client Marketing Funnel

The High Paying Client Funnel

What the HELL is a Funnel?

The reality is, that most people don’t know what a funnel actually is..

I’m going to make this really simple for you.

Here is a Diagram of what a High Paying Client Funnel looks like:

Setting up your High Paying Client Marketing Funnel | 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

The goal of this funnel is to get you high paying clients, that sign up for your one on one programs, group programs, live events, services or even online programs.

The key to getting a high paying client is to have a free consultation on the phone with this potential client. The Free consult is also known as a FREE COACHING SESSION.

We’ve established that the ONLY way to get high paying clients ONLINE is to have a free consult with these clients so they can make an informed decision and ask questions about a potential 5 or even six-figure investment.

My online funnels bring in almost all of my business and my leads.

Here are some great benefits of setting up a funnel like this:

  1. You collect leads and grow your list by giving away a free gift.
  2. Your client watches your free consult video and gets educated in your products and services so this helps build your brand and increase the likelihood that your client will buy.
  3. Once a new lead is on your list you create a nurture sequence that drips valuable content to the client to add value to them and eventually turn them into a buyer

Here’s what the sequence of the marketing funnel looks like so you have a Map:

Step 1: FB AD talking about the FREE GIFT you are giving away in exchange for an email

Step 2: Opt-in Page: The Opt-In page is going to say something similar to the AD. This is called AD SCENT. When someone clicks on the ad, you want them to land on a page where AT LEAST the text in the ad is the same as whats on the page. And EVEN better, if the colors and design of the video or image in the ad match up with the colors on the opt-in page, then you are in business. THIS DOESN’T always happen in our ads but we do our best.

Step 3: Free Consult Page: Once they Enter Their Email Address on the opt-in page, they splash through to the Free Consultation Video Page, where you are there in a video that’s 10-15 mins long and you are teaching them 3-7 steps in your system.

AND, you are making a Call To Action TO BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION

Step 4: The Questionnaire: They splash through to the Questionnaire page and they fill out the questionnaire.

Step 5: Calendar Booking Page: They Book their time and date for the coaching session.

Step 6: Confirmation Page: An opportunity to create another teaching video with testimonials on the page that indoctrinate the client more into buying.

Ok, I want you to have a simple Marketing Funnel!

Let’s jump into how to get LEADS? What I’m about to share is the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy!!

PAID Facebook Advertisement!!!

If you need help on setting up your marketing funnel, then book a Free Coaching Session here.

Step 6. What is a Facebook Advertisement and How can you set up your own Facebook Ads?

What is a Facebook Advertisement and How can you set up your own Facebook Ads? | 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

Creating Your Facebook Ads To Get Droves of Traffic and Book High-Quality Free Consultations to Sign up Clients

In one of my high paying client marketing funnel TWO WEEKS AGO, for Every $1 in invested, I made $4.62 back in Cash.

Last Week, For every $1 invested I made $4.27 back.

This doesn’t include upsells to Tier 2 Programs later in the month or year, or live events that will help me ROI more.

What are the 4 BIG secrets I can share with you about Facebook ads?

  1. Set aside an advertisement budget of at least $50 per day to get started, and if you can, set aside $5,000 to launch your first funnel.

Why? Because if you set aside that money then you aren’t going to squirm every day that you are spending money.

I recently launched a new funnel, and I spent $5700 testing it, and in one day I got an $8,000 sale that made me my money back,
and there’s another $8,000 sale pending that if It comes through it makes this funnel profitable at a 250% ROI on 45 days.

Yes, you have to set aside money to TEST, TEST, TEST.

2. Consistency wins the game…He who pulls out too early loses the game. You can’t start your Facebook Ad and one week later decide to turn it off. DUH!!! Your funnel is just starting to work an get going, and you turn it off.

I can’t even tell in 30 days what’s truly going on with the funnel until I have taken at least 20 Free Coaching Calls. AT LEAST!! So stop with the ants in your pants and Commit!!

3. Shorter Facebook Advertisements CAN WORK. This one below has brought us a bunch of High Paying Clients. And it’s short!! So don’t think you need to be some copy genius. This is my speaking brand below and it brings in lots of high paying clients. The key is, you need to TEST which copy is going to work best with an IMAGE or a VIDEO that can work best. I would come up with 3 copy versions if I were you and an image and a video.

The video can literally be 30 seconds of you on your iPhone!

4. We aren’t focusing on Cost Per Lead as our most important metric! We are focusing on Cost Per Purchase! What does it cost to get someone to buy a product or Book A Free Consultation with us?

Fyi, depending on the funnel, we can pay anywhere from $150 to $300 per Free Coaching Session.

Here’s one ad that consistently gets me High Paying Clients…

If you need help finding your perfect audience on Facebook and on setting up your marketing funnel, then book a Free Coaching Session here.

Step 7. Enrolling High Paying Clients

Enrolling High Paying Clients | 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Getting High Paying Clients Between $2,000 and $10,000

Ok, let’s get into the magic of enrolling high paying clients!

Let’s talk about, Setting Up Your Enrollment System for you or Your Sales Team.

Any coach, life coach, business coach, consultant, or service business MUST know this process!

I follow a 12 question process to enroll my clients and I have 5 sales people on my team.

My sales team averages a 30% closing ratio of High Paying Clients and My Top Sales member Averages over 50%, which means 1 out of 2 are saying YES.

The key is to set up the game so you win. When you stop chasing clients and clients are APPLYING to speak to you and be considered for your programs, then you have arrived.

Stop kissing toads, and kiss princes and princesses.

I hope you set up a High Paying Client Funnel That Brings You Coaching or Service Based Clients Every Day.

Here are 6 questions that will help you enroll more clients

  1. What inspired you to show up for this Free Coaching Call?
  2. In the next year, what is your # 1 Personal, professional, Financial Goal?
  3. Why is this important to you?
  4. What’s it costing you not to achieve this goal?
  5. What would be possible if you did achieve this goal?
  6. On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to achieving your most important goal?

If you want the other 6 questions you can get The High Paying Client Book here for free.

If you’re serious about getting high paying clients consistently for more freedom and a business that changes lives, then BOOK YOUR FREE COACHING SESSION HERE.

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