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Where And How To Find Clients In Your Area Strategically

Building a program that really works and delivers you the income you’re looking for means learning how to find clients. But everybody knows that’s a whole lot easier said than done. Where do you actually look for them? And the bigger question is, how do you eventually find and enroll them?

How To Find Clients | Tips To Tap Your Area

Hi, my name is Ted McGrath, and I’m here to share some of my tips on how to find clients. To be more specific, I want to guide you on how you can enroll some of the top clients you can ever have.

Today let me focus on two things: the where and the how. Attracting the best clients is not easy. It took me years to develop the right online and offline marketing systems for that, but that’s great for you since I can give you now my shortcuts. And one of these is to know how to find clients from your area.

Why Learn How To Find Clients In Your Area  

Why Learn How To Find Clients In Your Area  | Where And How To Find Clients In Your Area Strategically

Many of my clients are living dreams, managing a lifestyle-friendly business they can take anywhere in the world. But one of the best places to seek out clients is actually right in your own area.

Let me tell you the reasons. One, it’s easier to set up your seminars and other events. After all, people don’t need to travel very far. You’re more familiar with the available venues, so logistics and planning are more convenient as well.

Second is intimacy. It’s not enough you have quality clients. So your program could work, you need to build relationships with them, and significant relationships are those that are intimate. You know your clients very well to understand their vision and then design your program to make such ideas real.

The Question Is Where 

Usually, when you want to attract clients, you begin with your small circles such as your family members, friends, and colleagues. That’s awesome, but not all of them would probably believe you. It’s because they don’t need what you’re offering. They couldn’t relate to your program and its benefits. They don’t have the same vision as yours.

Now you can spend your time trying to convince them to join, and some of them might, but that’s a waste of time on my end. Bring your energy to people who are willing to pay you thousands to listen to your message and learn from you.

So where do you exactly look for your clients? Networking groups. I have plenty of techniques on how to build high-value social connections. Basically, it’s a relationship that’s built on mutual trust and benefit: you learn something from me, and I learn something from you. Find out where your high-value social connections meet.

How To Find Clients 

How To Find Clients  | Where And How To Find Clients In Your Area Strategically

I’ve already given you the first technique on how to find clients, but let me share a few more.

1. Be A Speaker

One of my ways on how to find clients within an area is to offer my speaking services for free. I get up on other people’s stages. This is great for beginners since you don’t spend anything on the event other than your time. You can also grow your network very quickly. Most of all, you have someone who can vouch for you, and trust is essential in any kind of relationship.

2. Begin With Small Events

I always prefer to begin with small events first, especially it’s already area focused. It creates the sense of intimacy and is really great in building more personal connections. People who know you superficially will finally learn more about you on a much deeper level. Most of all, you can narrow down your audience to high-quality clients.

But a lot of people think small events mean small profits. The truth is the opposite. In fact, I find this more lucrative than big ones. There are also ways on how to create profitable live events even with a small audience.

3. Use Online Marketing Strategically

Use Online Marketing Strategically | Where And How To Find Clients In Your Area Strategically

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, then you know I am using online marketing strategies to attract my dream clients. They are cost-effective for me. But perhaps this is one thing you don’t know about them: you can use them to bring in area-oriented clients.

For example, I could shot short videos, upload them to Facebook, and then customize the ads to appear in specific locations only.

Then while you’re at it, you can apply one of my techniques on how to find clients fast, which is to offer free consultation sessions.

In the end, you need to make your business grow and deliver consistent income, which means you have to expand your territory. But starting with your own place can be a good training ground for you, so you commit fewer mistakes and create a more robust, client-centered program.

What are your challenges in learning how to find clients in your area? How can I help you?

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