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How to Create a Presentation to Inspire Clients to Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

Fact: everyone wants to know how to create a presentation. The problem is, they’re stuck with tips and tricks that just don’t work. I’ve been a presenter and have done public speaking countless times. I’ve developed techniques for great presentations that have helped me produce millions. That’s why it is my mission to help you reach your objectives as well. Whether you’re creating a PowerPoint or Slideshare presentation, the key points I’ve shared below will come in handy.

How to Create a Presentation That Gives You Clients

1. Create a Compelling Headline
Create A Compelling Headline | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

One of the first tips to remember when learning how to create a presentation is to focus on the headline. Your headline is the key to capturing your audience’s attention immediately. After all, this is the first thing they see when they look at your copy.

However, while important, this step is not easy. Here’s my recommendation: tell your audience what you’re going to teach them and the outcomes they can expect. For example, “I’m here to help you do X, so you can do/have/become Y.” To further highlight it, in the title slide, make the text color sharper than the background.

2. Tell Your Brand Story

Tell Your Brand Story | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

When creating a sales presentation, most people include stories as social proof. However, do you ever wonder why some of them work while others don’t? It’s because the audience can’t relate to stories if they’re not told in the right way.

When learning how to create a presentation, I think one of the most important lessons is learning how to use your brand story. This is a story that paints a portrait of your audience members and shows them who they aspire to be and how they can be their best selves. Simply put, it gives your audience a vision of their future.

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3. Highlight the Problem

Highlight The Problem | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

There are so many types of stories you can use, but to have effective Powerpoint presentations (or video presentations — your choice), use stories to present worst-case scenarios and the opportunities or solutions.

Describe the trap most people are in and then demonstrate how your offer can take your audience to the transformation they are looking for.

4. Present the Solution

Present The Solution | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

You know what happens to dreams when you don’t do anything? They die. Now you’ve got the momentum going with your audience, it’s time to take it to the next level.

You have already determined the problem and presented the opportunity. Now, you should invite them to take action on your content. Who will they become? What results will they see in their lives if they take your offer?

5. Tell Your Personal Story

Tell Your Personal Story | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

When people ask me for one tip on creating a presentation that converts, I always tell them to use their own story.

Why? People want to connect with you, and one of the things we humans share is our degree of vulnerability. We all go through challenges, so we also want to know how others are able to rise above them.

One of my presentation tips is to get vulnerable and authentic with your audience. Share your journey — from your lowest point, through the climb, and finally to where you are today.

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6. Share Case Stories

Share Case Stories | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

Even after you’ve shared your story, your audience will not immediately spend their money on your program. The next hurdle you have to deal with is credibility. Expect your audience to ask if your program works.

Social proof is critical in inspiring people to enroll in your programs. Let your existing clients inspire your potential ones with their success stories.

If you don’t have any clients yet, get out there and help some people in exchange for testimonials you can share.

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7. Give Great Content

Take a deep dive into your topic and give the best value you can. Present your most suitable material that serves your audience.

Educate and empower people during your presentation, and they will want more from you once it’s over. They will want the same feeling of excitement and empowerment to continue long after the presentation, which means they’ll want to keep working with you.

To ensure you can captivate your audience from start to finish, pay attention to the presentation design. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use bullet points in your PowerPoint slides to highlight important messages.
  • Make the transition of your slide layout more seamless. In fact, choose a PowerPoint transition template you can apply to all slides.
  • Use visual aids. Add images, Gantt charts, or video narration to make the presentation more visually appealing and easier to understand.
  • Be more professional — avoid using less-formal, San-serif fonts
  • Give a one-sentence summary that your audience can take home.

8. Make Your Offer
Make Your Offer | How To Create A Presentation To Inspire Clients To Say Yes | Follow These 8 Steps

Don’t make the mistake of putting your call to action at the last stretch of your presentation. Instead, make multiple calls to action to maximize the opportunities for your audience to say yes to you. If you’ve been following the steps above, as well as the other strategies on this blog, you should be able to start converting your audience even before your presentation is over.

When making your offer, don’t forget to make eye contact with your audience. The more connection you make, the more likely they are to pay attention to your offers.

Address the emotions they have and overcome objections the moment you invite them to enroll. Inspire your audience to fight their fears and take action on their dreams.

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While this is the basic step-by-step guide on how to create a presentation, it’s also the best presentation outline you will ever have. These are effective strategies you can customize and refine later as you discover your own techniques.

What do you think about these steps on how to create a presentation? Share your thoughts and presentation experiences with me in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated for accuracy and relevancy. Original publish date: August, 2017.

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