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How to Build A Speaking Business

become a motivational speaker

How do you become a motivational speaker and build a thriving seminar and workshop business that transforms lives?

You start with the NEXT step…keep reading.

There’s a superstar speaker in the world today and it’s YOU!

How to build a thriving seminar and workshop business

Imagine a thriving seminar or workshop business making six or seven figures with high end offers, high quality clients, and high impact from the stage.

The Superstar Speaker holds the highest standard for themselves and for their clients.

It’s the Speech inside of you, the message that matters, a voice that echoes through humanity, and words of wisdom waiting for their chance to change the world and unleash your destiny.

But “HOW?” is the big question!

  • Ho do I become a motivational speaker?
  • How do I build a workshop business?
  • How do I get high quality people in my seminar rooms?
  • How do I create and sell high end packages from the stage?

Martin Luther King was remembered for his “I have a dream” speech.

Winston Churchill was remembered for his speeches that moved a country.

William Wallace was remembered for his famous speech…”What will you do without freedom?”

What will you be remembered for?

How to build a thriving seminar and workshop buisness

Who will you become on your journey to becoming a superstar motivational speaker?

There’s a performer inside of you, a masterpiece in the making, a vessel for human change, a liberator of mediocre minds, a freer of the human spirit, who is ready to unleash man from the shackles of mortality.

And there’s no greater way to begin the journey of becoming a superstar motivational speaker than with your NEXT SEMINAR.

So lets discuss 3 insider tips for you to make six figures at your NEXT seminar, BECAUSE this is the first step towards creating a THRIVING business.

If at anytime you want the Ultimate Map for Your Entire Seminar and Workshop Business then go check this out…

it’s time to step up to the mic, own the stage, and take back your voice.

How to become a speaker

Superstar Speaker Insider Tip # 1

Your first or next workshop will thrive on a CAMPAIGN!

What does this mean?

I’m about to give you two simple ways to campaign and get people into your seminar rooms.

Most people believe you need an email list and online marketing to pack your seminars and the truth is, YOU DO NOT.

Most people believe you need 100 people in your room to have a successful seminar, and YOU DO NOT.

With only 42 people in the room, my client Brandon did $200,000 in sales.

With only 10 people in the room my client Alex did over $100,000 in sales.

With artists and singers in the room, my client Tiamo did $241,000 in sales.

How did they build their workshop business?

Good old fashioned warm market…

If I come up to you and say, “to put on a successful seminar, you need strategic partners, email lists, telesemianrs, webinars, online marketing, cold advertising, and much more,”…. what would you say?

You would probably fall over from confusion!

But if I said WARM MARKET, you probably get the picture.

You see, most people look past their warm market.  A warm market is relationships you have developed over your lifetime or even over the last few months.

How to build a thriving seminar and workshop business


Example 1

When Brandon made over $200,000 at his first seminar, all I had him do was call his relationships from the Church.  He was a pastor at a church formerly and he picked up the phone and called all his local relationships, and 42 of them showed up in the seminar room.

Now you might be thinking…What did he say to get them in the room?

Here’s the script…

‘Hey, it’s been a while since we connected, how are you?   What’s new in your life since we last talked?’

Once he creates a conversation, how do you think they respond to him?

‘I’m good, what’s new in your life?’

The moment they reach out and ask him, he tells them about his new venture.

‘You’ve known me for a while, you know my heart has always been in helping people connect more deeply with themselves, their purpose, and their family….. I’m hosting a special event in two months, that I would love to tell you about…..”

At this point….he could invite them to coffee and tell them in person or he could jump right in on the phone…

Now the big question that people always ask me is this…”Ted, how do I ask for the money?”

Well, in my mind, the purpose of the first conversation isn’t to get the check, because in their minds they weren’t expecting to show up to this phone call and write you a check.

So after the first conversation, what if you invited them to a strategy session by saying “Hey, I’ve shared with you a little bit about what I’m up to, but would really mean a lot to me is if I could spend 45 minutes with you in a visioning session about your life and what you want for your future.

We would spend 45 minutes diving into

  • What’s your vision
  • What’s in the way
  • Giving you a plan and path to get there

I believe the plan and path could be you attending the my seminar but I won’t know until we really dig in.

and at the end of our session, if you feel called to attend, then great.  If you don’t then it was great spending time with you and maybe at some other point in the future.”

*****End Conversation****

Do you see how easy this is?

How to build a thriving seminar and workshop business

This is one of the most important parts of building a thriving seminar business.  It’s just one part though…for the entire map GO HERE.

Example 2

I’m going to give you another example because you might be thinking, “Ted, what If I don’t have a WARM MARKET?”

Well, then you go create one.

Let me tell you how Alex created his…

Alex has a stutter and he is 24.

He trained with me for several years and has mastered this enrollment conversation, but his problem when he went out on his own was that he didn’t have many relationships.

So Alex went to events constantly, and as he would talk to people he started to discover his genius….

Alex had gained a ton of knowledge and wisdom from training with me at my Message to Millions and Superstar Speaker events, but he lacked confidence.

How to make money speaking

The moment he started sharing what he knew, people were drawn to him.

Alex decided to teach people how to EFFORTLESSLY enroll clients.  He started to work with coaches and speakers.

Alex was going to these events and he didn’t even know his TOPIC.

But once he started being around people who wanted a bigger future and people he could relate to, his genius came out and the light shined on what he knew.

Alex put on his first group coaching program and made $47,000 from a virtual training.  He charged $5,000 and then gave them a ticket to his event.

Since then Alex has done $100,000 at his first workshop with 10 people in the room and at his next workshop, the same thing.  BOOM!!!!!

How do you like me now?


Isn’t this amazing stuff?

Now you might be thinking, Ted, how do I go and do this?

Superstar Speaker Insider Tip # 2

The next thing you need to do is set a date! 

Everyone who comes to my seminars tells me they want to do a seminar.

Actually, it kind of goes like this….

I ask “How many of you want to do a seminar?” and 40% of hands go up…

“Come on, how many of you want to do a seminar?” and 70% of hands go up.

“Ok, if you knew you had the Ultimate Map for Building a Thriving Seminar and Workshop Business, how many of you would do a seminar?” 97% of the hands go up.

If you want the Ultimate Map, go here.

So, once they tell me they want to do one…

I say, “When is your seminar?” and find that usually only 5% of the people in the room have booked their seminar date.

It’s like people are waiting for the seminar to come down from the heavens and strike them to seminar life…

Get in the game people!  Set the date.

How to build a thriving speaking business

Once they set the date we have a campaign to run.

It doesn’t matter how low someone’s confidence is about doing their seminar…

I bet doing a seminar will change your confidence and will help you breakthrough to new levels.

Whether that’s 100k at your next event, I DON’T KNOW…you have to do the work.  I can’t guarantee your money results or any results for that matter.

But I do know that you will become a new person and your heart will shine with the love you have for your business, passion, and people.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 or 100 people in the room, what matters is quality.  The quality of people.

Superstar Speaker Insider Tip # 3

Create and Sell Your High End Packages from the stage.

I’m always shocked at how much people undervalue themselves and their gift.  People always ask me, “Ted, How do I price my coaching package?”  The truth is you don’t price a coaching package.  You don’t price anything.  You stand in your value and the transformation you’re going to deliver for others.

I ask myself, “Who do I want to become and who will my client become  in the process of delivering this coaching experience?”

When someone becomes something, what is that worth?  When they become a confident, more spiritual, more powerful, more destined and magical person, how can you even put a price on that?

And when they get to spend time in your presence and proximity to you, what’s that worth?

I get paid $200,000 per personal client because of the value of these things.

I value my programs based on the the transformation, not the structure, and I CREATE my programs so my clients can BECOME who they always dreamed of becoming.  Then the experience challenges them and calls them to new heights.

That’s an amazing thing.

So I want to challenge you to dream up a program of who your clients will become, and after you dream up the transformation, then put a value on it.

This is the reverse of how people normally think!

But it works.

It’s why Brandon gets paid $200,000 for his coaching, it’s why Alex gets paid $55,000. It’s why Henry gets paid $60,000.

I hope this inspires you and I hope you go all the way to become a motivational speaker and build a thriving seminar and workshop business.  If you want the entire Map, then GO HERE and grab it.  It gets right to the point and shows you how to create, not just a successful workshop, but a THRIVING BUSINESS.


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