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How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

Feature | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

If you’re telling yourself right here, right now “I lost my passion for life,” then let me share my story on how to become inspired. This post will give you a glimpse of my motivation I developed as I went through struggles in my life and came out the other side to build the business of my dreams and have plenty time and financial freedom. Most of all, it will show how you too can learn how to find inspiration in life and live it to its fullest potential.

How To Become Inspired And Motivated To Live Your Best Life

In this article:

The Performance That Changed Me

The Performance That Changed Me | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

I love listening to other people’s stories as well as following their accomplishments. It’s one of the ways I learn how to become inspired. So let me talk to you about the night I met a man that changed my life.

A few years ago, I was watching a speaker on stage. In fact, this guy was a performer — Bo Eason — and I saw him give a performance I had never seen before. It was a one-man show —  one guy on stage playing several characters over the course of 90 minutes or so.

I watched Bo give this talk, and I happened to be in a business seminar where it was part of the content.

It was one of those moments when I found what inspires me in life. I found myself again. I felt just seeing this guy up there ignited something in me, and I knew I was going to do the same thing.

The Struggles

The Struggles | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

I can’t fault a lot of people if they are spending years and even all their lives trying to learn how to become inspired.

I’ve been in a place in my life before where I think I would have done something just because it fulfilled the expectations society seemed to demand of me. They wanted me to become an amazing entrepreneur. Or I might be pressured by my own expectations.

I did that. I built a multimillion-dollar company. There is also a handful of things that have really lit me up in the world. I call them my examples of inspiration in life, and they keep growing by the day.

But when I saw that show, I knew I wanted to have one myself.

Taking the Initiative

Taking the Initiative | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

Learning how to become inspired is one thing. Acting on your inspiration is another. As for me, I went out and hired a story coach. I started meeting with him once a week and created my one-man show.

There were moments when I would go and see my coach, and as I pulled up into his driveway, every muscle would start twitching. I was petrified to get up there and perform in front of even just one person.

Getting up on stage as a speaker is easy for me. That’s what I do. I’ve been training to do it for years. But as a performer who has to express himself let alone play characters? I was frightened to death to do it.

Persistence Pays Off
I just went week after week after week, and it was something that inspired me. I felt like my creativity was being born. There was a part of me I had been suppressing for years that was being born. It started to light me up.

I realized there was this whole other world out there for me. I started to ask myself how to become inspired like this all the time.

I had moments like that when I was a kid. Back then, I knew I wanted to be a performer, but I didn’t follow my intuition on that. I knew I had something more inside me, some more creative expression.

All I wanted was to express myself, and unfortunately, because I couldn’t, it led to me overdosing on drugs and alcohol and almost dying.

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Here Comes The Thrill

We set the date for the show, and my first show was coming up. I hadn’t even performed a character yet. I’d never acted before in my life! But because I was already teaching myself how to become inspired, I was motivated to do it.

I worked out the story with my coach for five months. Every week, we created this 90-minute story. In one of the weekends, he received an emergency call. While he was on the call, I decided to try a character.

I stood on the pavement beside the pool at his house but walked over to the shed next to the pool so nobody could see me. I was embarrassed.

But I felt this character come to me, and I started expressing myself. I felt this character was someone I met a long time ago in my life, and it was extraordinary. It was then I knew I could do this.

Creating The Characters

Creating The Characters | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

I started finding characters, and I taught myself how to become inspired to find characters. Today, I play 15 characters over the course of 90 minutes – all self-taught.

Part of knowing how to become inspired is to look at people and observe what they’re doing. It’s what I do as well. I believe if you just look, you can figure out anything.

I’m paying attention and following the path. I realize following the path not because I am expected to do it, but because I want to do it, as well as listening to my heart and what I know is right for me, is enabling me to live an inspired life.

Reach Your Full Potential

Reach Your Full Potential | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

I used to think that maybe I am meant to do only one thing. I thought, if I became a speaker, my life would change. If I could make six figures, my life would change. But the fact that I couldn’t express myself almost killed me. I became the number 5 partner out of 500 partners for New York Life, but I wasn’t happy.

There was a time when my house was foreclosed, and I watched my car and motorcycle get towed out of my driveway. I couldn’t pay $100 a month even. I lost all my material possessions.

Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

I thought these were things would show me how to become inspired, but the truth is it was motivating me less. I believe that creativity feeds the soul. When we can breathe our creativity into the world, we can also share our inspiration with it.

My inspired life is about finding more and more creative aspects of myself. So today, I can find creativity in anything, and because I can be creative, I can find life in anything. I can look at something and ask, do I want to do this?

Expanding Your Capabilities
You can learn how to become inspired by pursuing your passions. I have lots of things I like to do now. I picked up golf a year and a half ago because I wanted a better relationship with my dad. I got off the plane and said, “Let’s go play golf.” Now every few months I go to play it with him.

I built a software company. When I saw it, I thought it would be fun to create it – and I did.

Inspirational Words About Life

Inspirational Words About Life | How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life
So how to become inspired? Look for things that inspire you and go after them. I should know since it’s worked for me in my life. As cliche as it is, sometimes I find myself reading inspirational quotes from time to time. Reading about how my idols see life is an excellent way to put things into perspective. For example, here is a quote from Walt Whitman:

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

This quote always reminds me to look towards the bright side all the time. Forgetting the bad things in the past that hold you back push you to do better. This drive inspires me to keep going and pull inspiration where I can get it.


For a quick dose of inspiration, check out this video by As/Is:

You can live an inspired life by allowing your message to be heard in the world and encourage transformation in people’s lives. With enough confidence, you can be a person that spreads an amazing message throughout the world. Inspiration is fickle, but once you know how to be inspired, it can come whenever you want to.

Share your thoughts and ideas on how to become inspired. I love reading all your messages.

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Editor’s Note  – This post was originally published on August 28, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 


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