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The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

Hello, this is Ted McGrath, and today I am going to share with you one of my biggest projects to date: the book that will serve as your ultimate guide to landing a high-paying client. Let me tell you what you can learn from it and why you should have one as soon as it’s released.

High-Paying Client | The Book That Captures The Market

I’ve written a lot of blog posts on how to find a high-paying client who is going to help you create a lifestyle-friendly business with a steady stream of income. You can live a life of purpose, sharing your message with the world while enjoying your dream of personal and financial freedom.

But I also feel I am just barely scratching the surface. I have received numerous inquiries on how to do specific steps or even to help them define what a high paying client is.

My goal is to realize your full potential not only as a coach or speaker but also as a person. For you, I am writing a high-paying client book called “The Secret To Getting High Paying Clients ONLINE Every Single Day for Greater Income, Impact, and Your Dream Lifestyle.”

Who Can Benefit From The Book?

Who Can Benefit From The Book? | The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

I am a speaker and a coach through and through, but everyone deserves to have a high-paying client. My book is perfect for anyone with a dream. It is for those who want to live their purpose and achieve the lifestyle that’s best for them. These include consultants, service businesses, experts, practitioners, online marketers, and entrepreneurs.

What Can You Expect?

What Can You Expect? | The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

My book is based on my mantra. It is “People want to become more than they are and more of themselves. Sell them something that brings out their greatness instead of something that mirrors their mediocrity.”

Based on this, I have created several chapters packed with insider tips on how to work with a high-paying client. These strategies are not found anywhere else.

To give you an idea, chapter 1 is “The Future of The High End Program, Service, or Product.” This should give you an idea of the growing trends in the industry, the challenges, and the opportunities in line with your niche.

Moreover, you will learn the exact 7 steps I follow to:

  • Get high-end coaching and consulting clients delivered every single day online through a simple marketing funnel. If you still don’t know much about sales funnels, read here.
  • Get paid between $2,000 and $200,000 per client through coaching, consulting, done-for-you services, and live events
  • Earn a six-figure income every single month while making millions with your message and impacting millions

This is, no doubt, a perfect read together with my other book called Never Be Closing. It teaches you how to take action and become a sales entrepreneur.

Why Does This High-Paying Client Book Matter?

Why Does This High-Paying Client Book Matter? | The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

More than anything, I want you to get this high-paying client book for the following reasons:

1. Know How To Be Relevant

You will learn how to “bring the fossils of the 20th century” into the new world of business we find ourselves in today. In other words, you will know the secrets on how to get high-valued clients online.

Don’t be offended. Several years ago, I was that fossil. And I know what it feels like to be on the verge of being irrelevant and trapped, feeling as if my message and business are dying inside of me.

2. Grow Your World

Grow Your World | The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

The world is vast, and so is the opportunity for people like you and me to reach high-paying clients all around the globe.

3. Provide The Leadership People Need

In the movie The American President, Michael J. Fox, who played Lewis, said, “People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they’ll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. . . . They’re so thirsty for it they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand.”

Michael Douglas, the president, looked at Lewis and said, “People don’t drink the sand because they are thirsty, Lewis. They drink it because they don’t know the difference.”

Unless I’m on a beach with beautiful white sands, then the sand they are talking about is of no interest to me or to your clients.

Our world is not so far gone to think that people “don’t know the difference.” People do know the difference, and they are thirsting for leaders to step up and give them the products and programs that represent their potential, that challenge them to live in alignment with more of who they are, and that which give them a better game to play and win.

Production, distribution, and consumption of products are what drive our economy. Without them, we are dead in the water and we are in a depression.

4. Make The World Thrive

Make The World Thrive | The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

You are responsible for your ideas and passions, as well as the unleashing of your gifts into the world so this economy and marketplace can thrive.

In a world of speculators who want to manipulate markets and trade nothing in exchange for something, these sharks are destroying the true value of the global workforce and the morale.

We must rise above the sharks and the people who sit up in their tall buildings collecting revenue from the production of nothing. We must be the ones who create the future with products and services that transform lives, make better human beings, and make a better world.

By reading the high-paying client book, you will rise with me in a movement that is restoring the good of humanity.

5. Elevate The Value Of Money

Money won’t go away, but it is only as good as the consumers confidence in it, and if we don’t create products and services that serve others, then people will start to distrust the concept of money itself.

Money represents an exchange, and if you provide an abundance of value in exchange for your products and services, then you will become highly paid and stay relevant in a world that needs leaders, ideas, creativity, and gifts of the emerging coaches, experts, and service businesses.

Most Of All: Carry On a Noble Cause

Most Of All: Carry On a Noble Cause | The High-Paying Client Book | My Secret To Success

When you learn how to be a leader to high-paying clients, you produce better lives, and that is a noble cause worth fighting for. It is a game worth winning.

Do not surrender into the dark depths of inhumanity. Fight for what humanity once stood for and still does. Fight for your fellow man and help him reach his potential once and for all.

Do this, and I promise you a life worth living full of passion, happiness, and contribution to your fellow man that will fill you up with more power and fuel to serve. In ignoring this advice, you will witness the light of the human spirit begin to dim.

So why should you create high-end products and services for high-paying clients? The world demands it. It is a representation that we, as creators, are living up to our creative potential. It also indicates that we, as consumers, are enjoying the standard of living that we have long dreamed of.

Are you ready to offer high-end products and services and get a high-paying client? Share yes in the comments below.

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