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Influence People With These 5 Easy Group Coaching Program Techniques

Feature | Influence People With These Easy Group Coaching Program Techniques

Over the past few years, I’ve built a million-dollar empire around life coaching, career coaching, behavior change, and goal attainment. And one of my techniques to influence people is very simple: group coaching or group training. You can compare it to a blog post going viral. The more people see it, the faster your message spreads, and the better your chances are of success.

With a program designed to teach more than one mentee, you can create a stronger positive impact while multiplying your income many times over a short period of time. Coaching a group is usually intimidating for beginners, so let me help you with these five techniques.

5 Group Career Coaching Techniques for Beginner Coaches

In This Article:

1. Focus on High-Quality Clients 

The huge mistake coaches make is to focus more on quantity than quality when it comes to group coaching. After all, if you have, say, 200 people signed up for a program worth $100, you have $20,000 instantly. Cool being a coach, right?

Not really. Having too many group/team members signed for your group coaching program can give you a lot of problems later. One, you will feel the burnout, and stress is not good because it can make you less effective in team coaching.

Two, you’ll end up doing a great disservice to participants who are willing to pay more and stay in the program for a longer period. They’re the ones who need you the most, but they’re going to be hurt by the overcrowded setting. Each member will receive less support from you, so they’ll be learning less. It’s just not a good situation.

So here’s my suggestion: When doing some group coaching, keep your coaching sessions to a small group and make sure you have high-quality clients with you.

Who are these dream clients? Like-minded people! These are individuals whose visions are aligned with yours and your coaching approach. They can be leaders or employees who exhibit leadership behavior and are capable of transformational leadership, people with high intrinsic motivation, etc.

These individuals can relate to your story, and they’re the ones who can benefit the most from your skills, experience, and expertise from coaching and mentoring. These are also people who don’t mind spending thousands of dollars per program because they know your coaching experience is going to be worth it.

2. Join My Superstar Speaker Training 

Join My Superstar Speaker Training | Influence People With These Easy Group Coaching Program Techniques

Speaking in front of a lot of people can be very nerve-racking and if you’re not fully prepared, it can be embarrassing. Trust me, I’ve been there. Public speaking is challenging.

In the coaching business, it takes more than your coaching skills, willpower, and confidence to be a believable and reliable speaker. You need to build a connection and relationship with your clients.

You must be able to customize your content according to their objectives, goal setting orientation, desires, and visions for themselves. Most importantly, you must have a deep understanding of your clients’ needs.

For many, it can take years to master speaking in group coaching programs, but I’ll make it easier for you. Join my Superstar Speaker Training, so you get the insider tips which can transform you into the best seminar speaker and help you create a phenomenal seminar program.

3. Build a High-Value Social Network 

You can never run a successful group coaching program if you don’t do two things: (1) Market and (2) Network. Here’s my best tip on how to promote your programs to your clients.

As for networking, I want you to create high-value connections. What does this even mean? Create relationships which matter to you as a person and a business. Muster your social skills and start impacting clients’ lives. This story perfectly illustrates my point.

Simply put, for a relationship to be meaningful, both parties must benefit from the give and take. No one should do all the giving or the taking.

4. Structure the Pricing of Your Program Correctly 

Structure the Pricing of Your Program Correctly | Influence People With These Easy Group Coaching Program Techniques

One of the biggest objections I face with bringing in only high-value clients in my career coaching programs is revenue. “Ted, you can’t make a lot of money if you have only a few clients.”

It’s completely wrong. When I first started, I was doing one-on-one coaching charging around $3,000 per person. While it was lucrative for me, individual coaching was also time-consuming and stressful. That’s why I shifted to a group and team coaching.

In my group coaching programs, I can charge as high as five figures to 20 to 30 people and still find time to travel the world, share my message, and pursue my goals and other passions, such as acting.

I achieved this by applying the best methods to my group coaching and peer coaching and then following an ideal pricing structure. Go and read the link to learn the essentials.

However, if I were to stress one very important point, it would be this: the task is to create a program with flexible pricing which gives you a lot of room to upsell. This is how you make an unlimited income with the least effort on your end.

5. Learn How to Make a High-End Offer 

For a lot of people, charging clients thousands of dollars for a group coaching program seems unfair and frightening. What if they don’t believe you? How can you convince them to pay a huge amount of money?

Again, when you have dream clients, it’s the least of your concerns. Additionally, it’s important you know your worth. Look inside you and know what you can truly offer in group coaching then you’ll understand you may have even been undercharging all along.

Most of all, you need to know how to make a high-end offer, whether you’re doing live or online events. My techniques and coaching process will help bust the common myth new speakers don’t deserve to charge a lot.


Build an even better connection with your clients by watching my video below:

These are simple, doable group career coaching program techniques you should apply as soon as possible. They can help you feel more confident and sure about not only your expertise but also your worth, your message, and your ability to provide transformation in other people’s lives.

What are your personal tips on how to influence people in the business world? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 27, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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