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Hold On To Your Dreams

Have you ever felt like you’re living your purpose but you’re off track or out of alignment with your purpose?

The other day I was in New Jersey and I’m on the phone with a potential client, and I knew going into this that it just didn’t feel aligned with me in terms of the type of person I would want to work with.

After I got off the phone call, my energy was low and I felt off-track.

I had gotten a text from a friend the day before, which said I have somebody to introduce you to, are you free to talk tonight? And I said, I’ll reach out to you tomorrow.

Well, when I felt off-track I knew this friend might have somebody to introduce me to to get me back on track. So I immediately texted him saying, hey, who’s the person you want to introduce me to? And he said do you know of James Barbour?

And I said, no, I don’t know James.

And he said, well, James is the lead star in Phantom of the Opera, which is one of the longest-running Broadway shows, and he had reached out to us because he says that he wants to speak with you.

And I said, oh, wow, that’s amazing. I was touched and flattered, and I said, yeah, I would love to speak with him.

So he made the introduction to James and I, and immediately, within 20 minutes, James and I were on the phone. The stars aligned, I start talking on the phone with James, and James goes into his story and starts telling me about his life and his journey, and we just click.

My energy goes from being totally off piste to feeling completely realigned with my vision and my purpose.

And the crazy thing is, I’ve been holding this vision for the last 9 months or so, to work with celebrities, and celebrities have been coming into my life and I’ve been saying that the celebrities are big opinion leaders in the world, and just like coaches and speakers, they have a message inside of them and they have an impact, they aready have a community.

And I said, you know, the #1 fear that celebrities have – and I think anybody has in this industry – is that the’re not going to be relevant one day. A celebrity is only as powerful as their community, and their ability to share that message consistently with their community and create an impact in their community.

So I’ve been saying this for a long time and holding this vision of working with celebrities, and all of a sudden I find myself on the phone with James, and James is like, Ted, I want what you have! I have this message and this story inside of me and I want to get it out to millions, and I need this system. I want to understand and learn this system from you, because clearly you’ve done it.

I was excited, and I said, the funny thing is, you have what I want, because I want to learn from you. You are the lead in a Broadway show, and the crazy thing is – you don’t know this about me – but I have a theater show. A one man show, I play my life story with 15 different characters from my life. And I’ve been holding my vision because I’ve been touring with it for the last couple of years, but not at the capacity that I want. I want to go big, and I feel like I’m in a place where I’m ready to go big with this thing, but I need the expertise from somebody like you.

So here we are, two stars aligned. I happen to be in New Jersey, he just got done doing a show in New York, and so I said hey, well I just happen to be coming into New York city tomorrow night to go to dinner with my family and my girlfriend, and he’s like, well hey, I could come up and meet with you to dinner if you want and we could connect. So James shows up to dinner and sits down at the table, and he’s such a nice guy and we just connect and have this great conversation, and we realize we’re going to do something with each other.

And so that leads to a conversation two days later, and we have this 2-hour phone call, just talking about the vision of what we want to create in the world together and how part of what we’re co-creating is helping people go live their dreams. I’m going to start touring with my theater show and he’s going to help me get into theaters here in LA, and he’s going to coach me and help me create a structure for my show, and in doing that, as we go tour, we can help other artists and open up platforms to them and train other artists and teach them different skillsets and things that we know. I can take my skillsets of helping people create audiences and get their message out to the world, and combine that with the artist in the world.

And so we just co-created this whole vision, and in doing that, helping James take his message and his vision, and spreading it out online as well.

So what started off as a text and a phone call has turned into a global vision to go and take this message to millions of people in the world.

I’m honoured, I’m touched and I just wanted to encourage and inspire you and say if you’re holding a vision of what you want in your life, keep holding it. People will show up. As long as you keep communicating and you are consistent with it, the stars will align. Opportunities will align. Dreams do come true!

If you’re feeling off-purpose today, what can you do to get back on track?

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