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Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

If you’re tired of chasing your customers, it’s because you’re not getting your dream clients. I will teach you the exact formula on how to get more clients for my business so I can have a consistent stream of income and ultimately a lifestyle-friendly business that lets me travel anywhere in the world. Most of all, it allows me to serve millions of people.

Attract Dream Clients And Stop Chasing With These Steps

Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

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To attract your dream clients, I divide them into two groups. The first four steps lay 90% of the foundation of the formula. The second and the fifth step are the more important. It gives you 90% of the revenue. Either way, you need to read and follow these steps from start to finish.

I know information marketers, artists, entertainers, practitioners, service-based owners, coaches, trainers, etc., suffer from one major problem when it comes to attracting their dream clients: they are always after the piecemeal solution. They are looking for the one system like social media.

That is mainly undercharging. What you need is a system that consistently delivers to you. Otherwise, you will end up feeling worried how you’re going to get your next client for the next month. So you’re stuck with the cycle of being undervalued and undercharging while constantly chasing customers and not living your preferred lifestyle.

What Is A Dream Client?

What Is A Dream Client? | Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

Let’s pause for a moment and consider that lingering question on your head. “Ted, what is a dream client?”

A dream client is someone who will come to you so you can help make his or her dream come true. And because he or she wants it, this person is also willing to pay for what you’re worth. It doesn’t matter whether the program’s hundreds to thousands of dollars. The person will pay because it’s worth it. Most of all, your dream client is someone whom you can train or coach anywhere.

Now you have an idea about dream clients, let’s get right to the steps. Download the infographic or share it so other people will learn the system too.

1. Craft A Powerful Story That Pulls In Your Dream Clients

Finding your life story and message | Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

On many of my blog posts, I talked about the power and influence of a life story and message. Here’s one here.

There are many ways to storytelling, and you can use all of them to make your statement. But what you really should do is to communicate the transformation your message is delivering. The challenge is if you try to complete this statement out of thin air, it will be incomplete. It is missing a critical piece, which is your own life story.

Many people have the same message, so your life story is what’s going to make yours unique and your message authentic to you and your dream clients.

Designing Your Life Story

But how do you actually use your own story to get dream clients and help them have or become something or someone they aspire to be?

Think of a problem that you’ve gone through and what you did to overcome it. Look at the problem and the transformation you’ve created for yourself as you try to resolve it.

In fact, using your own life story makes creating your statement easier. You are teaching the same thing that helped solve your problem.

Remember, though, a person’s transformation doesn’t end. So don’t think you have to be amazing before you can transform other people’s lives. Just think of the one change and the one problem you’ve helped solve in your life.

2. Find Your Message And Develop Your Statement 

Find Your Message And Develop Your Statement  | Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

Get a piece of paper and a pen and write out your message using this formula: “I help clients do this so they can have or become that.” Amend the words in italics to fit your own message, for example, clients may become coaches and consultants.

My own message, for example, is “I help coaches, speakers, and service-based business owners find their life story and message so they can spread it to millions and make millions doing it.”

See how powerful and specific it is? It performs so many things for my dream clients including letting them know what I can do for them. 

Quick Upselling

When I attend a networking event, and somebody comes up to me and ask what I do, I give them the statement: “I help people find their life story and their message so that they can attract clients and then share that message with millions of people.”

It’s my technique on how to get customers’ attention, and they understand it because it’s specific. Now it’s common for them to ask me follow-up questions like “How do you exactly do it?”

That’s when I tell them that I can give them a free session for 45 to 60 minutes where I can show them the seven-point system of my Message to Millions program.

With a phone call, I can show them how to create a message and solve the problem. All they have to do is to “show up” to the phone call – no strings attached. Now if after an hour they think it’s what they need, then I will show them the path to achieve their goals the faster way. If not, then that’s perfectly fine as well – no harm done. The most important thing is I get my message across to one more person.

While offering a free consultation sounds tempting, many people don’t immediately know how to book a free consultation. So it’s not surprising if they also find it hard learning how to find clients online and offline. So let me share two secrets to do these.

One, ask questions. I teach my clients a 12-question framework they need to ask their dream clients during their free coaching session. These should be able to let the clients reveal the most important goals. Once you’re able to do that, then you can relate your system to these objectives. Show them how the two, their goals and your system, fit together.

3. Create A Product Or Program From Your Message

Create A Product Or Program From Your Message | Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

At this point, let me talk about content. When I speak of content, people immediately think about sales presentations or webinars. These are just the means to an end.

Content is actually the steps your dream clients need to follow to achieve their end goal. These are also the steps you’re going to teach because these are the paths toward transformation.

The problem is many communicate these steps, step by step. For your clients to buy, they need to follow a linear process that will help get them from point A to point B.

To do that, have an objective in mind, which shall be the basis of your program, then write down your five to seven steps to accomplish it.

Now many people will find it difficult, and I don’t fault them. What my clients and I discovered is it’s easier to list them down when you already have a statement, which you can make if you’ve mastered step number 1.

This is what Betty did. Betty is already a veteran, owning and managing a multimillion-dollar business. She used to sell her programs for her health practice for hundreds of dollars. But when she did the five to seven steps, she was able to create a program that fit these steps. She was then able to earn a program for $25,000 and made $100,000 in 120 days.

4. Launch Your Program For Immediate Cash Flow

Creating a structure  | Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

Before joining my programs, a lot of my clients were earning very well, yet they were tied to their desks, always cold-calling and looking for customers to enroll. The issue here is although they have these programs, they didn’t structure them smartly and intelligently, which I can teach you.

I have a client named Tyler. He struggled with his network marketing company, looking for customers and coming home feeling defeated. But he happened to come across my webinar, joined it despite the reluctance, and a lightbulb went off. He followed the first two steps above and found the message for his brand.

He was so into it one day while flying on a plane, he happened to share his message and the steps to achieving the transformation to one of the passengers. The lady was very interested, saying she needed the same thing as well. Right there and then, he had his first client for his program for $1,500. For that week alone, he earned $6,500 – a huge leap from earning zero. Despite the income, he knew there has to be a more systematic way for his programs.

Use Group Format

But what is the intelligent and smart way of structuring your program? It’s a group format. One, it is lifestyle friendly. Instead of serving one client at a time, you can have 10 dream clients simultaneously.

Tyler runs a phone coaching program, and in his group format, he has about 10 of his dream clients paying $2,000, so he gets $20,000 revenue in a short amount of time.

An excellent start, but keep in mind the goal is to earn a consistent income and make the dream clients come to you. So after weeks of coaching and getting positive reviews from his clients, Tyler decided to offer a year-long program with a face-to-face meet-up every quarter. By doing this, he was able to earn $200,000 in one weekend by simply upselling with his initial group of clients.

5. Create Consistency In Your Dream Clients And Set Up The Business To Be Lifestyle Friendly

Create Consistency In Your Dream Clients And Set Up The Business To Be Lifestyle Friendly | Proven Steps To Have Dream Clients Delivered To You

The first four steps set up 90 percent of the foundation for attracting your dream clients consistently. But the 10 percent, which is the fifth step, is just as important, if not the most important, mainly as it delivers 90% of your revenue. Not only that, it consistently gives you income no matter where you are in the world.

What I am going to share with you is a very simple but incredibly useful and effective marketing system.

I want you to grab your pen and paper again. In the center, draw a box and write “Facebook Ad.” I know what you’re thinking, “Ted, I don’t know anything about a Facebook Ad.” Don’t worry, I will get deeper into it in my Message to Millions Training.

Now make a second box and write “Free Gift.” You’re familiar with this. It can be an e-book, PDF, or anything you can give away for free. My clients can make a free gift in an hour. Let’s make a third box and write there “Video.” You will use this video to invite your dream clients to a free strategy session.

That’s it! You’re not building a program or planning your strategies because you’ve already done it in the first four steps. The fifth step is there to help you deliver your program to your clients.

In the first four steps, you’re already going to be earning money, but you’ll be crazy not to do step 6, which will deliver your dream clients and income month after month.

David, for example, was already earning thousands of dollars by doing the first four steps. But he doesn’t want to keep on cashing clients all the time, so he followed the online system, booking clients for a free strategy session. In 90 days, he earned $20,000 by implementing the fifth step.

You have a message to millions of people around the world, making an impact and transforming people’s lives. You, therefore, deserve to have dream clients who come to you on a consistent basis while having a lifestyle-friendly business that guarantees more time doing what you love, including traveling and spending time with your family. This formula is what you need to achieve all these whether you want to learn how to get your first clients or already a veteran.

Are you attracting your dream clients? Let me know how I can help you further in the comments below.

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