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How To Design Your First Paid Offer

Hi, it’s Ted here, and I’d like to talk about making your first paid offer, which is an essential part of an online funnel. Basically, you’ll learn how to design one that’s simple and effective.

Paid Offer | How To Design Yours In 4 Easy Steps

Learn The Basics of the First Paid Offer

Learn The Basics Of the First Paid Offer | How To Design Your First Paid Offer

To be able to create a high-converting paid offer, it’s essential that you understand the significance of what you’re doing, as well as when to use it.

Let’s begin with the when. The first paid offer is a part of the opt-in page and immediately follows the free gift, which is where you capture the email addresses and build your mailing list.

It is also your elevation strategy, which simply means “upgrading” your leads to customers.

Now, why would you encourage your leads to pay up after you’ve given them something for free? Let me tell you two of the best reasons:

1. You want to take advantage of the momentum.

Picture your leads as being excited and motivated by what they’re about to learn from you. They’ve already taken the first step, which is to grab the first gift, so surely, they’ll be more open to taking another step, which is paying for your offer.

2. It streamlines your leads ASAP.

Not all of those leads who signed up and gave their email addresses will eventually become your clients. In fact, some of them only want the freebie.

For me, that’s fine. What’s more important is I am able to spread my message to a lot of people.

But from a business standpoint, you have to know who among them would likely enroll in your programs so you can focus on them and bring them further into your sales funnel.

The first paid offer will do that for you. Those who buy once are more likely to buy again.

How To Design Your First Paid Offer

How To Design Your First Paid Offer | How To Design Your First Paid Offer

Here’s an easy-to-do, brief, and simple guide to creating the paid offer that works:

1. Make It Low Tier

A low-tier offer is essentially one that’s priced cheap. You can get more ideas on how to structure your prices here.

The bottom line is you want to make it the most affordable to encourage the highest number of people to pay for it.

I usually price such an offer around $37, but it’s certainly not unusual to set a lower price point.

2. Give A Logical Offer

Make sure there’s a nice and smooth transition between the free gift and the first paid offer. To be more specific, make the latter relevant to the former.

As an example, my clients download my Story and Messaging Blueprint, which is about how to find their life story and message, as a free gift.

The immediate challenge that comes up once you have a story and a message is actually getting clients. How do I get clients? How do I communicate my message to clients? Where do I even find those clients?

The first paid offer should lead them to something that either solves their problem or creates a big opportunity for them. It has to make sense.

3. Give It A Good Name

One of my popular first paid offers is called The Fast Client Formula.

Now, based on that name, what comes up in your mind? If you’re thinking it’s a blueprint on how to get clients fast (within 30 days or less), then, you’re absolutely right.

I am all for giving your offer a cool and attractive name, but it’s also important to remember it should tell the customer what the offer is, which is usually how to solve the problem they’re having.

One of the hooks in creating a great paid offer is that people want things quickly. They want to see results as fast as possible. So, using keywords like “fast” can be helpful in naming your offer.

Bonus: List The Benefits Of The Offer

List The Benefits Of The Offer | How To Design Your First Paid Offer

There are two reasons to do this. One, you need to know which features to highlight on your sales copy or in your videos. Second, they can serve as your guide when making the actual content of the offer.

Coming up with the list, however, is difficult. What I suggest is answering this basic question: What is it actually helping your customer to do? If they go through this program, what are the benefits going to be?

For example, in my Fast Client Formula, they can expect to:

  • Know where to find clients
  • Learn how to communicate with clients
  • Get clients

How do you feel about designing your first paid offer? Make sure you follow every step along the way because it’s super important. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time around. Crafting an excellent offer takes practice, trial, and error. The most important thing is that you strive to give it your best and learn in the process.

What are the challenges you normally face in creating your paid offer? Let me know how I can help you.

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