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How To Create Teleseminars and Webinars To Book Qualified Strategy Sessions With Your Clients

Do you know you can create teleseminars and webinars and then use them to book qualified strategy sessions with your clients? I am here to show you how to do that.

Teleseminars And Webinars Quick Tips To Begin

Why You Should Do A Teleseminar

Why You Should Do A Teleseminar | How To Create Teleseminars and Webinars To Book Qualified Strategy Sessions With Your Clients

What’s the purpose of doing teleseminars?

1. Get Yourself Some Leverage

Teleseminars and webinars are effective and simple ways to start getting your presentations and messages out online.

A lot of times people think, “I need to have hundreds of people. I should build a massive email list.”

These are good goals, but they don’t have to be the case all the time. Maybe you just want to sign up one-on-one clients or fill up your group coaching programs.

What teleseminars and webinars do is they actually provide leverage for you. Imagine for a moment you have ten people on a teleseminar presentation, and those ten people are actually hearing your message.

Now, think about it. To get people warm up to your message and get them to understand what you really do, you have to spend a lot of time on strategy sessions with ten of these people, even inviting them to one-on-one strategy sessions.

Often, people resist a one-on-one strategy call. That’s understandable since they don’t know much about you. There’s a high level of doubt.

But to show up to a teleseminar, they get to be there and be passive. They can have all the time they need to listen and check you out. They get to feel you and absorb your content. Your audience can visualize how it will be like to work with you.

2. Do More Work At The Same Amount Of Time

A teleseminar is also an efficient lead generation or marketing tool.

You can use it to prime your leads in a powerful way so that when they do show up to a strategy session with you, they’re ten times more likely to buy.

Doing a teleseminar doesn’t rule out the benefits of one-on-one strategy sessions at all. I’m showing you a more efficient way of leveraging your time, get in front of groups of people, and then make a call to action to an actual strategy session.

3. Give A Call To Action With Higher Chances of Positive Results

One of the easiest things to fill up a one-on-one or group program is to invite 10 or 20 people to join your teleseminars, make an effective presentation, invite them through a call to action to get on the phone with you, and then enroll them over the phone.

Why? Because the odds go up. Let’s say you have 20 people on a teleseminar, and you can convince between 20% and 50% to book a one-on-one strategy session with you and they’re super-qualified.

Being on a one-on-one-call with them boosts your odds of enrollment.

When you’re getting started in mastering sales, sometimes it’s better not to go so fast. Teleseminars are an easier gradient for you.

4. Maximize A Simple Technology

Teleseminars only use a phone line. We use Instant Teleseminar. You can go to But basically, you just need a phone line to dial your prospects. They then listen.

You don’t even need to have slides! This is important since sometimes creating a PowerPoint presentation can be a barrier to entry. It takes several hours to create a presentation, and people need to have the right technology to view them.

With teleseminars, you don’t have to worry about converting anything into a PDF, loading a presentation, and wondering what software to use to display your presentations.

Doing teleseminars is simple and easy to do. Of course, you still need the structure of the presentation, but you don’t need to create slides and graphics.

Here’s The Strong Reason To Do Webinars

Here’s The Strong Reason To Do Webinars | How To Create Teleseminars and Webinars To Book Qualified Strategy Sessions With Your Clients

I, however, understand some people don’t like to do teleseminars. Rather, they become more effective communicators and salespeople when they can use a presentation. If you’re one of the latter, you can do a webinar presentation.

These presentations may be more complex than teleseminars, but they don’t need to be super difficult either. In fact, a webinar may be just PowerPoint slides. That’s it. For me, I have Keynote, which I use to create and display my slides. It’s pretty basic.

If you want to add some customized graphic, you can go ahead and look for an artist, but know that this is completely optional.

Now, why do I create slides when I can just do teleseminars all the time? Because it helps my audience.

Some people are linear. They prefer a structure that tells them the steps on how to do things. There are also emotional presenters who go beyond the structure. They simply use it as a reference and then be more intuitive with the audience’s interests and needs.

A webinar presentation is perfect for those who thrive on structure. The audience can just follow the slides.

Moreover, these slides are visual, and studies reveal people learn and understand faster when they see how they should do things.

How To Do Teleseminars And Webinars

How To Do Teleseminars And Webinars | How To Create Teleseminars and Webinars To Book Qualified Strategy Sessions With Your Clients

If you want to learn the best webinar and teleseminar secrets, you can go here. Right now, what I want to touch on is how to get you started with the process.

1. Know Your Preferred Style

You have two options here: teleseminar and webinar. I’ve already covered the advantages and the differences of each.

It’s your time to decide your preferred communication style. If you prefer structure, go for webinars. If you want the easiest and the quickest to do, choose teleseminars.

I can be very effective with teleseminars because my style is more emotional and inspirational.

2. Use The Available Technology

Make the process even easier and more convenient for you by maximizing the available technology such as online tools.

As mentioned, I use Instant Teleseminar from I think we pay $69 a month. I’ve been using this service for five years. Even for my major launches, I’m still using this to teleseminar.

You can also take questions from people when you’re on a live teleseminar. You can communicate with them over the phone or the chat box.

But that’s not the only cool thing. You can also do webinar presentations. The slideshow isn’t amazing in terms of the graphics and the quality, but it’s good enough. That’s really all you need.

3. Don’t Make Things Complicated

Many times, you see a lot of people use one thing for a teleseminar and another for a webinar. Too much technology makes things complicated. In the process, it takes your focus away from what’s more important: your message.

4. Define The Purpose

Now we have already covered the technology and the style, let’s talk a bit about the purpose of this initial teleseminar or webinar.

I think the purpose is simple: do a solid presentation and make a call to action to a strategy session.

If you’re going to do a call to action, keep your presentation anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. If you’re going to do a call to action to an online product you’re selling for $1,000 or $2,000 or even $500, put your presentation anywhere from about 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

When I’m selling something that’s $1,000 or $2,000, people need more time. They also need more content. In fact, the process of making the sale is longer because you need to share more stuff and show more value.

If you are selling an online product, then you can simply make a direct call to action with a sale at the end of the webinar. You’re just selling them to the product directly, and they never speak to you.

5. Learn How To Make Your Call To Action

If you’re planning to make a call to action to a strategy session through teleseminars, one of the first things you should do is to get them to put down a deposit to speak to you.

You may be thinking, “I just want to get them on the phone, Ted.” If you start doing this totally free, you’ll have every Tom, Dick, and Harry showing up to a phone call, wasting your time.

I also believe by making them pay for it (although the deposit can be fully refundable so there’s no risk for them), they can show their commitment to listen and learn. After all, they don’t want their money to put to waste.

Most of all, when they put their time and money in, and they have a strong desire, they become your qualified prospect.

Remember, however, the offer is for them to get on the phone with you and have a free strategy session so you can coach them. This way, they can explore the opportunity of working with you. You are not selling your product or service yet. You do that during the strategy session.

Do you already know how to start your teleseminars and webinars? Stay tuned for more comprehensive tips on the content and design, but hopefully, with this, you can give yourself a nice jump start and be more confident to do either or both.

What are your challenges in doing teleseminars and webinars? Let me know how I can help.

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