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How to Create a Free Gift For Your Clients and Earn More Money

Today I want to teach you how to create a free gift for your clients. I will also be sharing with you the psychology behind offering one free gift over another. If you want to learn how the free gift offer can fit into your business model, gain you more high-quality clients, and increase your wealth, keep reading.

What Is the Perfect Free Gift for Your Clients?

Now you might be asking me, “Ted, how will a free gift earn me more money? If I want to do well financially, shouldn’t I charge my clients for this gift?”

Though you may not believe it yet, a free gift will actually gain you far more money long-term. Let me explain. Basically, you will design a marketing funnel that begins with an opt-in page which gives away a free gift. Then it splashes through your product offers. These offers can be low-tier offers or mid-tier offers — it’s up to you. Sometimes you can even showcase a high-tier offer. What exactly you put on this page will depend on the kind of free gift you give away. I will talk more about this later.

Free Gift: PDF Downloads

Free Gift: PDF Downloads | How to Create a Free Gift For Your Clients

The first free gift you can offer to your clients is a free download. Specifically, a free, downloadable PDF. An example of this that we offer for one of our brands is called The Ultimate Online Presentation Swipe File. It is a 26-point module on how to create a passionate and profitable online presentation.

It’s an easy download process: when people go to our opt-in page and enter their email address, they get this free PDF Presentation Swipe File. The content is a simple format that goes through the formula for creating a great online presentation point by point. Plus, it has exercises for people to actually create their own presentation.

Although there’s great content in this PDF, it’s not super advanced, and I didn’t spend hours creating it. In fact, as a rule, I only spend two hours creating my free gifts.

If you see The Ultimate Online Presentation Swipe File for yourself, you’ll find that it is very simple. It might contain several pages, but it’s simply structured as content followed by exercises to apply the learning.

When you create a free PDF, I suggest that you begin by listing the bullet points of the content you are providing. A good free gift or download is something like “The Seven Steps to X,” or “The 11-point Presentation Framework,” or “The Five Essentials to Y.”

I recommend this structure because people like clearly defined steps. To them, it signals organization and clarity. Additionally, it makes clear to them that you will lead them step by step through what they need to know about the topic.

The Importance of Value and Content in Free Gifts

The key is the value you provide, rather than the length of your free gift. Often people think that more content equals more value. That’s not always true.

Something simple like my presentation framework is very powerful and provides great value. Remember: you should be able to create your free gift in no more than three or four hours.

I want to encourage you to utilize a free PDF or a download as you create this type of marketing funnel. Here’s the psychology behind it: if people on Facebook come across your opt-in page and the ad says, “Download The Ultimate Online Presentation Swipe File here,” they won’t think twice about it.

It’s not like “opt-in for this webinar” or “get this free video series.” Downloading something is quick in the customer’s mind, so they’re more likely to click to check it out. It’s not going to take a lot of their time.

People like to consume things quickly. Consequently, you should play into that instinct and provide them with something that they can grab instantly, like a downloadable file.

How to Create Your Free Gift

How to Create Your Free Gift | How to Create a Free Gift For Your Clients

Now I’ll take you through the five steps of how you can create your free gift:

1. What does it help people do? — First, list the benefits of the free gift you will provide. Be as practical as possible. Additionally, make sure that these benefits are relevant and useful for your target clients.

2. Name it — What is the title of your downloadable file? It is important to be straightforward so that your clients will immediately know what they’ll be getting from you.

3. Create your bullet points or steps — These should be consistent with the benefits you enumerated and the title you came up with for your material. Be concise in creating your bullet points or steps.

4. Write down descriptions of each point — This is the nitty-gritty part of creating your free gift. Here, you will be able to expound on each point you listed. The length of each description depends on you, but I suggest that you keep it short and simple. Just make sure that you get your message across clearly.

5. Create some exercises — This adds value for the people who will receive your free gift. Through these exercises, you will provide them with an opportunity to apply what they have learned from your material.

If you want to see how I create my free gift and have a reference you can follow, download The Ultimate Online Presentation Swipe File.

Free Gift: Video Training Series

Free Gift: Video Training Series | How to Create a Free Gift For Your Clients

The next thing I want to share with you is an alternative free gift — a video series. This requires a lot more work, and I wouldn’t recommend this as your first free offer in launching your Product to Millions funnel.

With that being said, I do give away a free video training series in my Message to Millions funnel. When people come to the opt-in page, they can sign up to receive a three-part video series.

The offer structure for this is slightly different. As I mentioned earlier, the product offer will differ depending on the free gift you will provide. When I’m giving away a free download, I make a low-tier offer as soon as they opt-in for $37 or $47.

However, when I’m doing a free video series, I’m giving people a lot more content. I’m engaging them on a deeper level, and I’m over-delivering with even more value than I give in a free download.

Therefore, when I give away a three-part video series, at the end of it, I make a mid-tier or a high-tier offer. I want you to understand this because some of you probably found out about the Product to Millions funnel and bought this product after going through a three-part video series.

Simply put, I give more value and more content to engage people deeper and help them make a bigger buying decision. That’s why I usually reserve my video series free gift for mid- and high-tier product offers.

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Choosing the Appropriate Free Gift

Choosing the Appropriate Free Gift | How to Create a Free Gift For Your Clients

You can use the video series free gift when you delve into advanced marketing. However, I don’t recommend this if you’re launching your first products online.

Instead, I recommend that you stick with the free download. Remember, your first free gift should be something you can create within three to four hours but still provides great value. We want to make sure that you’re creating a great free gift. We want your client to come across your opt-in page and not think twice about giving you their email address for a free download.

It is important for your clients to take that first action because eventually they’re going to make a buying decision and actually become a paying customer.

Free gifts are essential in the marketing funnel that I am teaching you because they serve as a springboard for your product offers. When you create valuable free gifts for your clients, you can gain more paying customers. Don’t forget to download The Ultimate Online Presentation Swipe File to see how I create my free gift and use it as a model for your own. I hope this serves you.

Which among the steps in learning how to create a free gift do you find challenging to accomplish? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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