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How to create balance in your life and business

Today’s video is about how to become more balanced in your life and in your business.

A lot of time when people hear the word ‘balance’, they think to themselves: I want time off, or I want things to be kind of level and more easy so I’m not so rushed and I don’t have so much going on.

For me, I believe that being balanced is having a lot going on, but having a lot of the right things. It’s focussing my energy on projects that are going to create leverage and create the greatest amount of impact in the world.

When I’m focussed on things that I love doing, that create lots of energy for me, and I know are going to create a great impact, I feel balanced in my life.

I’ll give you an example of when I feel like I’m out of balance, because I can have a lot going on in the right areas and feel balanced, and I can have a lot going on in the wrong areas and feel totally out of balance.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve made millions of dollars marketing our products online. We started out as a coaching and seminar company, coaching our clients or giving them tools and resources so they can then go out and do it themselves.

Somewhere along the line, we turned into a more complex business. We have to set up funnels online and we have to have a more robust team to do a lot of the service work that’s involved.

I’m naturally a giver, so I decided I wanted my clients to have the same results I’m having. So we started to turn into a service business, taking on some clients and doing some things that are more service-oriented. It takes a lot more time because there’s a lot more complexity to it, and what I discovered recently is: I don’t want to be in the service business.

We have some clients we’re servicing – and a few is OK – but I decided to turn off the faucet, and say that’s not the area I am building my business in.

Just that one area which was going to keep us busy – and yes, we could be productive in it – to me, felt like we were going to be out of balance.

It was taking away from other things I could be totally more active in and have so much more energy for, like doing my seminars (which gives me lots of energy) and strategically building and growing our company  (which gives me lots of energy), or doing my theater show which I am starting to tour with in the next 3 months (which gives me more energy).

Or training speakers – I have speakers who are doing a speaking tour right now who are speaking and sharing my Message To Millions product all over the world, and they’re doing a 52-week tour.

These areas give me energy It gives us leverage and it gives us impact. In a service business where we’re always servicing, it doesn’t give me the right energy.

So with that decision, I’m still spending the same amount of time on my business, but I’m making 10x the impact.

Is the balance about cutting off my time, and thinking I need to spend less time and take vacation more, or I need to be more relaxed doing these things? No.

When I’m in energy-producing activities that I’m passionate about, I am relaxed, I am having fun. It’s the thing I love doing most. So I spend my time now doing the right things, not worrying about putting out fires.

I just made a decision yesterday, and I realized, wow – I’m out of alignment going after business in these areas, so I’m going to re-focus my attention.

What is balance really? It’s about creating an effect in your life, focussing on things where they have the biggest impact and focussing on things that are going to create the most amount of energy.

If you’re a service-oriented person and that’s your strike zone and that creates energy for you, build a service-based business.

That’s not where we’re at. So I’ve decided to cut back and limit my 1-2-1 coaching and maybe take on 2 clients this year 1-2-1, and that’s it. I’ve decided to focus on everything that creates an impact and builds a strategic structure so that we can go out to the world in a massive way.

Within that, I’ve set up my business to be lifestyle friendly; I just got back from Greece, I just got back from Hawaii, I am going on a safari with my parents which is purely a family event in about 6 weeks.

Because I have a lifestyle friendly business I can run from anywhere in the world, that’s balance to me. That’s a great lifestyle.

What’s balance for you? What is the lifestyle you want? Do you need to start re-defining what that is for you?

Comment below and let me know if this has served you.

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