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Courage Under Fire

I just watched this movie from the 90s with Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan, and it’s a story about courage under fire.

I started to think about being a speaker or a performer, or being up on stage; or even sitting with somebody one on one and having that conversation with them about what it is that you do, and sharing your gift and yourself with other people in a vulnerable way.

One of things I’ve discovered opening up like that, is it feels like courage under fire.

I feel like if I do open up maybe I could get rejected, maybe I feel like I’m under fire, like I’m getting shot because I could get triggered and stuff and it doesn’t feel that comfortable.

What I’ve learned as I’ve grown in this space is that having courage in a situation is about opening up and being vulnerable.

Having courage is just about showing up and being oneself.

I know one of the great aspirations I’ve had for myself as a speaker and as a performer is showing up and being myself; showing up and being transparent and being in my truth; showing up and sharing my gift and doing something that’s for the greater good of everybody in the world.

So I’m just taking that away today, times when I’ve felt like showing up in the world and I haven’t been as authentic and transparent and in alignment with my truth.

I just got off a stage where I was in conversation with about 40 young entrepreneurs, who are growing and going after their truth. One of the things I wanted to do was to make sure I shared my voice and connected with and served them, and I’m happy that I did that.

I opened myself up in a way that can hopefully serve them.

I handled some things in the room when it came to enrollment time; I was making the offer and I felt a little bit uncomfortable; I didn’t know if it was landing with people or if they wanted this, and I opened myself up and started asking some questions to really see what it is people wanted and what they wanted to accomplish and how this could serve them and their vision.

I realized, courage is just stepping in and being oneself. We can have courage where we’re in a place of peace and just dropping in.

So whether you’re ready to go act in your next film or speak on your next stage, have the courage to show up and be yourself. That’s what serves me.

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