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Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

To convert an ice cold prospect, you need just one thing: a deep personal connection. The moment you become relevant to them, they will begin to listen to you. Ultimately, you will learn how to convert ice cold prospects into customers – that is, they will start to pay money for your programs and even high-end offers. One of the most effective conversion-boosting strategies is my 4 S system.

Target Prospects | Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

Convert Prospects To Clients With the 4 S System

Converting Prospects Into Clients: What’s Your Story?

To convert ice cold prospects one needs just a single element: story. I truly believe you have a life story to tell, life lessons to teach, and a message to share with humanity. With it, you can build a celebrity brand, attract high-quality clients, and earn multiple strings of income doing exactly what you love.

But here are the challenges you are probably thinking about:

Who am I to get paid for my story?
Who wants to listen to my story? I don’t even know what my message is!

Your story is your message to millions. Your story is how you connect and captivate your audience.

Why Story Is Important To Convert Ice Cold Prospects

The world today revolves around a story. We go to movies, read books, and sit around a table and listen to other people’s stories. So why shouldn’t your story be in your business? Why shouldn’t you tell your story to convert prospects to clients and create a deep personal connection?

If you’re a life coach, speaker, expert, artist, author, service-based business owner, or entrepreneur, people want to hear your story. It’s how they get results in advance. They listen to your story and visualize themselves getting the results you’re talking about in your story.

Two Components Of Your Story

To convert ice cold prospects with your story, it needs 2 components:

1. Vulnerability

Vulnerability | Two Components Of Your Story | Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

Vulnerability is the new power today. When you have it, you ultimately connect with your customers. And vulnerability happens in the Pit of your story.

“When my parents divorced when I was six years old, I created this story I was unloveable and wasn’t good enough. When I got into the working world at 21, my boss said to me, ‘I believe you can make 6 figures in this business.’ And because all I really wanted was his approval, I went out and put my head down and made 6 figures my first year in the insurance business. I found myself that night overdosed on 15 drinks of alcohol, a bag of cocaine, and 2 pills of ecstasy with my soul coming out of my body, looking up into my brother’s eyes, gasping for my last breath.”

That’s a true story from my life, and story’s been so powerful in my life the story right there ultimately leads me to find my truth and meaning and build a multi-million-dollar business that serves humanity around my truth.

What almost sent me to my grave was the search for power, the search for fame, and the search for money. When I found my truth, my life changed.

I believe our truth is in our story, and it’s about creating a new story for our lives. In that story is a message, and in that message are life lessons you’re going to teach to the world.

The Power of Vulnerability

Without vulnerability in your story, how can you ever go into the transformation in your life or the truth of how you find answers or find meaning or find the lessons you can teach others? You will be less believable, and you’ll find it hard to convert ice cold prospects.

This business of being a coach and a speaker and serving humanity is really about teaching your lessons to others, allowing them to come to their insights about their own lives so they can have a transformation and achieve the result they want. And what better way to do that than with a story where you touch on your own Pit first. Once you hit the Pit, then you can have the breakthrough.

2. Credibility

Credebility | Two Components Of Your Story | Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

The breakthrough of a story is all about credibility.

It’s about the breakthrough moment where you got your first result, like when I broke through for the first time.

“I was literally sitting there on the couch, and my house was in foreclosure with $1,000 left in my bank account. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life but had this massive shift with this transformational process that allowed me to shed the unworthiness. All of a sudden, it was like the unworthiness and a million pounds of weight just fell off my shoulders, and I stood up and was like ‘I can do this thing!’ And I created a Blueprint to get my message to millions. I sold my first product for $3,000, and today my clients pay me over $200,000 and I have a multi-million dollar company.”

That’s credibility right there.

Convert Ice Cold Prospects With The 4 S System

If I can give you one tip for spreading your story and message, it’s my 4S system:

1. Statement

Statement | Convert Ice Cold Prospects With The 4 S System | Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

If you ever want to convert ice cold prospects, you need to have a statement that communicates your message effectively so people understand what it is you’re saying.

Imagine you’re at a networking event. You are talking to somebody and want to tell them what your message is. The key is you have to communicate it very simply. The formula is this: I help people do this, so they can have that.

So when somebody asks me what I do, I say: “I help coaches, speakers, service-based business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and I teach them how to find their life story and message, how to get paid for it, and then how to spread it to millions so they can have a lifestyle-friendly business.”

It’s simple, right? The statement can be used in conversation when you introduce a webinar and in videos like the one above. It’s critical to your introduction whether you’re online or offline.

2. System

System | Convert Ice Cold Prospects With The 4 S System | Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

When people ask how I do what I do, I say: “I have this system called the Message To Millions Blueprint. It’s to help people find their life story and their message and how to get paid so they can spread it to millions and make a massive impact in the world.”

Then I say: “I don’t have 45 minutes to take you through the 7 steps right now, but I could share with you how it worked for me.”

3. Story

Story | Convert Ice Cold Prospects With The 4 S System | Convert Ice Cold Prospects Into Buyers With My 4S System

I’m transitioning to Story. “Let me tell you how it worked for me,” and I share my story, from the Pit to the Breakthrough. My story builds vulnerability and credibility, and it talks about my Blueprint that helped me get my first client.

4. Sales Conversation

Then I go on to my last S, which is Sales Conversion: “I’d like to continue this conversation with you, and I have a free gift for you. I’d like to invite you to a free strategy session. It’s a 45-minute session, and I’ll take you through the Blueprint, but more importantly, we’ll have a visioning conversation where we learn about your visions and goals and desires.”

“Secondly, I’d like to learn about the challenges that stuck you. Number three, I’m going to help you create a plan or path to get there. And at the end of the call, after I listen to you and find your vision, I’ll share with you a little about my programs. If there’s a fit for us to work together, I’d like to talk to you about that. And if there’s not, that’s cool too. We’ll develop a relationship, and there are other ways we can serve each another. So how does that sound?”

See how I gave them the 4 S’s? If you master this in your business, it will change the game for everything. It’s one of the ways you ultimately convert ice cold prospects to clients and encourage them to have conversations with you, show up inspired and interested in your system, and want to know how you can serve them.

What do you think of my 4 S system to convert ice cold prospects? If you’ve tried them, let me know in the comments section. When it comes to sales, only the persistent win.

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