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Why is Content Marketing Important for Your Career?

If you are new to the coaching and live events business, content marketing is just what you need. While you already know that what you have to offer is valuable, how do you get your target market to recognize that? In addition, how do you get your market to actually purchase your offers? If you’re struggling for an answer, don’t worry. Below, I teach the ways that content marketing can boost your business.

Content Marketing Solutions to Fulfill Your Dreams

What is Content Marketing?

Before jumping right into it, let me first define content marketing in the context of business. This differs from traditional advertising because it is not directly focused on selling. Instead, content marketing consistently offers valuable and relevant information to a specific target audience.

As a content marketer in the coaching and live events businesses, you provide useful solutions to your target audience. This means that you help them recognize or answer their needs through the information you provide. As opposed to hard-selling your programs and events, you actually add value to your audience.

Though content marketing is a more indirect approach, its effectiveness still lies in its translation to sales.

Personally, I see marketing as the platforms and strategies that help your dreams come true. Content marketing is actually a win-win strategy — you add value to your audience, while you fulfill your own sales targets.

However, take note that results are not produced immediately. You really need to make an effort to create compelling content. Additionally, it takes time to build client relationships through content marketing. Still, if you are new to this space and you want to build your relationships with your prospective clients, content marketing is a good avenue to pursue.

The Content Marketing Strategy

The Content Marketing Strategy | Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Career?

Even though I have now been able to build my own brands, I still invest in content marketing. Now, I’m going to share with you my content marketing tips. These will help you create your own inspiring content marketing strategy:

1. Find Your Message

Firstly, you need to find your message. This starts from inside — what is your life story? It is important to know yourself first. Only then can you construct your own life message. After all, this is the story that you will share with the whole world.

After this, you should come up with your brand story. Ask yourself, “Who do my clients want to become?” Build your brand around this vision. Focus more on what your programs can help people become rather than simply spelling out its benefits.

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2. Identify Your Client Profile

Before creating your actual content, you have to identify who your client is. If you are a life coach, your client profile will be influenced by what your specialization is. If you’re into the live events business, coming up with a specific client profile is important. This helps you find high-quality attendees.

Here are some areas you can identify to find your ideal client:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Education level
  • Income range
  • Interests
  • Life goals
  • Who do they want to become?

Your content marketing should not speak to everyone. Instead, you only need to focus on those who fit your client profile. By doing this, you’ll create sharper and more targeted content. Therefore, you can cut through the clutter of unnecessary information that your target audience receives every day.

3. Come Up With a Content Strategy

Here comes the part where you need to channel your creative energy. When I think about my content strategy, the most important question I answer is, “What do my clients need right now?”

With that in mind, I create bite-sized or lengthy content pieces that cater to my clients’ needs. That’s exactly what you need for your own target audience. Your content should be something that adds value to them and becomes something they look forward to.

If you want to be organized, use a sheet tracker for your planning. There, include information about the following:

  • Your brand vision (to ensure that every piece of content is aligned to it)
  • What your clients need to know (this may or may not be directly related to your core services)
  • The specific mediums you will use for your content marketing (ex: YouTube videos, social media posts, blog posts, etc.)
  • A timeline of your content release
  • What your competitors are doing

4. Share Your Story

The purpose of content marketing is to build relationships with your target audience. That is why it takes time to produce results in terms of sales. You have to build trust and establish your brand as an expert.

What better way to do that than storytelling? This is the heart of content marketing. You not only give your audience valuable information, but you also tell them compelling stories.

Content marketing is not a hard-sell. Instead, through the process, you get to share with your audience the people behind your brand. This includes sharing your life message and your clients’ stories. If you’ve heard the term “humanize your brand,” this is exactly how you achieve it.

If you are new in this space, don’t worry about not having client stories to share. Instead, focus on telling your life story. It is also good to share why you found yourself starting your own coaching business. This will help your audience understand you better. Who knows? You might even find valuable partnerships through it.

5. Be Consistent

Even if your planning is perfect, you’ll never find success if you are not consistent with its execution. Remember that consistency is essential to attain success.

Once you set yourself to creating and producing content marketing, make sure you follow through. Regularly check if your content release is still aligned with your timeline. Furthermore, continue to find ways to keep your target audience and clients hooked. Bear in mind that you want them to keep coming back for your content. Even better if they actually subscribe to you!

So keep on doing what works for you. However, also challenge yourself to try new content marketing strategies once in a while. This will produce improvements for your brand and for your own personal skill set as a content marketer.

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Content Marketing Examples

Content Marketing Examples | Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Career?

Whether you are new or already seasoned in the business, content marketing is still a good investment. Here are some examples of the content marketing mediums I use for my own business:

1. Videos 

I regularly create bite-sized videos, which I share on my YouTube and other social media accounts. These videos sometimes answer the questions that I get asked a lot in my seminars. Other times, it is about topics related to my coaching career. Basically, it gives a gist of what my target audience can expect from my programs.

2. Blog Posts 

What you are reading now is actually part of the Ted McGrath Blog. Here, I share relevant information that adds value to my fellow coaches, public speakers, and event organizers. My blog posts are aimed at helping them find new techniques to produce better results and, of course, sales.

3. Social Media Posts

I maintain active social media accounts where I can easily communicate with people. This is where I share some of my blog updates and my videos. Social media is a great avenue to make yourself more accessible to your audience. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to create an account!

4. Books

I have also authored my own book called Never Be ClosingYour published work can actually be a form of your content marketing! Later, you can even use it as a tool to drive clients to your coaching programs and seminars.

Overall, content marketing is a springboard for you to sell your programs and events. Though it is not a hard-sell, using it the right way will allow you to create compelling, valuable, and targeted content. With it, you can build good relationships with your market. Trust me, once your audience finds value in your content, they’ll keep coming back for more. Eventually, you can translate this into sales through your upsells.

How can you improve your business with content marketing? Share your ideas with me below — I’d love to hear all about them!

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