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Ted McGrath On Persistence | Challenge Yourself And Succeed

One of the messages I repeat to my clients and to all of my audience is, “Challenge yourself every day.” I know the idea of pushing yourself beyond limits is tiring, frustrating, and disappointing. I will understand if you want to raise the white flag and say you quit. But that’s not how you win in life or even reach your dreams. The ticket to achieving everything you want and making an impact in this world is persistence.

Dream Quote | Ted McGrath On Persistence Challenge Yourself And Succeed

Challenge Yourself To Be A Better Person Daily

If you truly want to challenge yourself, then listen to this. I believe in persistence before talent. I’ve never quit anything in my life I actually wanted. A talented man who quits what he loves is a loser in my book. He loses his dreams; he loses his self-worth; and he loses sight of what’s important in his life.

All kinds of people can make excuses of why they quit something, but in my opinion, it comes down to cowardly shrinking into one’s fears rather than rising to one’s potential.

Challenging Yourself In Life Not To Waste Talent

We are all given some talent when we arrive on this earth. Why do some people waste it? People get addicted to drugs, porn, money, and things that suck their creative energy and talents.

Why trade what is inherently yours for the evil that lurks and lures you in? Those who go to the dark side justify it and make excuses such as “One day I will follow my passion;” “I just need a break;” “Everyone is doing it;” etc.

To challenge yourself, you need to know the truth: cowards run away from their talent. Repeat that to yourself.

If you run away from the daily challenges to improve life, not only do you let yourself down, but you also leave your family, peers, and, ultimately, mankind disappointed.

Challenge Yourself Every Day To Do Better and Be Better

We need more talent to shine light into the world, but without persistence, it never sees the light of day. How hopeless can it feel to be hiding your talents in the four corners of your bedroom at night?

Maybe this is pissing you off right now. Maybe it’s sparking some interest, and maybe you know it’s true.

Positive action is the enemy of these destructive forces. It’s easy to go down in a spiral toward one’s destruction. We all get lost, we all lose our way, and we all have thoughts of feeling undeserved at times.

But deep down inside, we know the right thing to do.

And the right thing to do is to persist towards the thing that may scare you most right now. The right thing is to do good for the greatest number of people.

A wasted talent, sacrificed for the family, does no one good. Kids just grow up with parents who are role models for not following their dreams.

Hold On To The Dream

You are here once in this lifetime, so you may as well go after your dreams.

Challenge yourself to latch on like a dog to a bone and never let go of those dreams. Those dreams will show you the potential you have in you. They will show you the light of the world that will light up your universe.

He who embraces talent inside and follows a dream he has dreamed up is a happy human being. In fact, he who follows a dream is more than happy. He is realizing his spiritual potential on earth. He is understanding who he truly is.

The world deserves to see all of you. It deserves to know all of you and to know their own greatness through the witnessing of your dreams.

Your actions today could inspire humanity and your children. It could inspire world change

Don’t Run Away

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there aren’t difficult life situations. I’m not saying there aren’t negative things in your life, and I’m definitely not saying certain people are born into different life circumstances.

But what I am saying is, so what? What are you going to do about it? Will you accept your lot in life, or will you challenge yourself to chase after the very dreams that light up your heart?

Don’t turn away from your dreams, don’t turn away from your passions, and don’t turn away from who you know yourself to be.

The truth is no one can judge you but you.

Choose To Persist

On the day you meet your Maker, will you tell him you made something of your life, or will you tell him you want a makeover?

This is the challenge you’re set forth with: you can go through your life with shame, blame, and regret, or you can shine like the star I know you are. What’s it going to be?

I believe in you and your greatness. The truth in you — I can see it too. I see the power of who you are.

How can I see you, you might ask? I see the condition of man. I see what keeps him down, and I see what stops his greatness. It nearly stopped me when I almost died from drugs. Back then, I was hiding who I was, and I wasn’t shining my light in the world.

I told myself, “Challenge yourself and push.” I made a choice to follow the light of my universe, to give the heart of my passions, and to climb the mountain of eternity.

What will your choice be?

Make it and make it with who you know yourself to be.

I believe in you, and I love you.

Challenge yourself with this: Never. Ever. Quit. Never, I say. Persevere to your dying breath and make the world proud. Starting with yourself.

What are your obstacles, and how do you plan to challenge yourself to get past them? Share us your story below.

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