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How To Make An Effective Call To Action From The Stage

How To Make An Effective Call To Action From The Stage

Mistakes do happen when you’re on stage, but if there’s one you should never commit it’s not making a call to action. It’s the magic to make your audience do something, convert clients, and, ultimately, make an impact. But what are the best calls to action? I have three that work, all the time. To further help you understand them, I’ll also include some call to action examples.

How do you make an impactful call to action – one that converts to sales? How do you get people to say yes to your offer when you make it from the stage?

One of the most important parts of getting high percentages of people to say yes to your offer from the stage is these three calls to action.

The Best Call To Action In A Presentation

Graph | How To Make An Effective Call To Action From The Stage

Call To Action 1: Price Contrast

I like to use a little strategy here. I start with price contrast, then state the actual retail pricing of the program, and wrap it up by saying the actual price of the program today.

Before I make an offer, say, for a $2,000 program, I’ll tell people how much it costs to work with me 1-on-1.

If you’re doing private coaching and you charge $10,000, you can mention that price before you make an offer for $1,000 or $2,000 whatever your event pricing is for that day.

That price contrast shows the value of your coaching in comparison to what the real offer is. It’s one of the best sales call to action examples because it’s powerful and strategic. It gets your audience to see the value of your program.

Call To Action 2: Speak To The Little Voice

Call To Action 2: Speak To The Little Voice | How To Make An Effective Call To Action From The Stage

The second technique is to use the little voice in my audiences’ heads. I call out their doubt and invite them to step into their bigger future and sign up to my program. With this alone, I can get a big majority of the room to take action.

Sometimes I also throw in a limited bonus. For example, the first 15 people to take action will get this exclusive bonus. This is an example of scarcity, which is a potent method of getting people to take action immediately. It creates a table rush.


Call To Action 3: Regret Story

The third one should be some type of story. It’s more emotional. Often, I’ll tell a story of regret. I tell this great story about how my grandparents got to the end of their lives – and they lived full lives – and invite my audience to take action and step toward living the life they want for themselves. The story drops people more into an emotional, heart-space place. Then the emotion fuels them to take action.

Effective speakers have one goal in mind: to make an impact. All the things you will do, from the moment you step on the stage to the time you say, thank you, should be aligned toward such objective. Thus, your presentation means nothing until you can make your audience do something. Always make your call to action from the stage.

I am sharing these three call to action strategies because they work. Give one of them a try the next time you are on stage and let me know your experience.

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