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How to Become the New Celebrity in the World Today


Every Sunday, I’m sharing a new How-To.

Today’s is How to Become a Celebrity in the World Today.

Listen closely as I share a really important step for you on your journey.

You may be wondering…does this apply to me?

Let me ask, Do you have a message that others need to hear?


You need to watch this and find out how to become a celebrity.

The answer might surprise you…enjoy.



Hey, it’s Ted McGrath and in today’s video I’m going to talk to you about how do you become the new celebrity in the world today?

You might be thinking, what am I talking about? Initially when I came up with this, I was thinking the same thing, like, what is the new celebrity today? I look around and we see lots of celebrities, we see lots of famous people.

The question is, who are they? And how do you really get to know somebody?

I believe you get to know somebody where you learn about their life journey and their life story. You learn about somebody’s life experience and what they’ve been through and perhaps from that journey and that story, we all learn lessons that maybe we want to share with other people. And whether these lessons are right for somebody else, at least it gives them something to think on and if it comes from a place of vulnerability and authenticity, then it’s really easy for people to pick up on what you’re saying and maybe have some ideas and insights about their own life, so the new celebrity today is here to share their life story. Share their journey, share their lessons, share their message.

I believe we all have a message inside of ourselves, so maybe the first step you can take, whether you were thinking about this today or not, you might have been thinking, “I have no idea why I clicked on this video and I was not thinking at all that I’m the new celebrity in the world. I was not thinking at all that anybody would listen to my story or my message.” and I’m here to share with you that I felt that way for the longest time.

I think most of my life, probably why I became a coach and a speaker and why I wanted to have massive success is because I just wanted to be heard and even as much money as I made, I never really felt in a place in my heart that what I had to say actually mattered and so, over time, as I become more and more myself and I have understood myself, I realize what I do have to say actually matters and I realize the world needs it.

The world needs positive inspiration, the world needs hope, the world needs role models and real role models. People that are really being ethical in their life. People that are making decisions that are not only affecting themselves but they’re taking into consideration the people they love, and they’re taking into consideration the groups that they’re part of, they’re taking into consideration mankind, and so it’s an amazing journey to be on and I think all of us need to take responsibility in our lives.

I think we look around and sometimes we look to people like political figures or we look to movie stars and we go, “Well, they’ve got it made. They’ve got the money, they’ve got the influence. Let them fix the world.” But the question is, what kind of responsibility are we taking?

The new celebrity is here taking responsibility in their life and first and foremost, they’re taking responsibility for their journey and their story and their past.

You know, for me, I’ve cleaned up my past and I’ve realized that for me to really take responsibility of my life, I had to clean up my past and for me to really take responsibility for being here, I had to play a game where I could win and other people could win and so I’m playing that game now and I just so happen to be a coach and a speaker and fortunately I get to share my voice on stages all over the world and I’m also really fortunate that I’m a great internet marketer and I know how to market my voice to the world and I’m also very fortunate that I’m an entertainer and a performer and I also share my life story on stages and I’m a performer.

I’ve been able to follow my dreams and, most importantly, behind that is a message and that’s what the new celebrity is. It’s a person with a message who wants to make an impact, so maybe the question for you today is what message is inside of you? What’s the thing that you want to share in the world because how do you go about being the new celebrity, or whatever it is you call it, you just got to decide first, “Why am I here and what’s my message to improve humanity?” Because I think at the deepest level, we all want to do things to help other human beings and I believe today that you can have a real career doing it.

In fact, I believe that with all the knowledge and the wisdom and experience that I have, I’m creating my own ecosystem, my own community of people that can learn how to find the message and go share it with humanity and it comes from all works of life, people who are skilled in financial worlds, people who are skilled in holistic health, people who are great doctors, people who are great entrepreneurs, people who are great sales people, people who have something to teach and share to the world and I think the greatest lesson we all can have, or the greatest message, perhaps, we can have for ourselves, is getting into alignment with who we really are, what we really want, and being real to that and going on the search and the journey to discover that truth for ourselves, I believe that’s the new celebrity.

We’re surrounded by a world of cheating in relationships, we’re surrounded in a world of people who are unethical when it comes to money, we live in a world where people today, they’re caving in upon themselves. Society’s caving inwards and people are walking around wondering why is this happening, and I think perhaps maybe the step today for each of us to build the world back up is to start by taking responsibility for our own lives.

Start by figuring out what that message is inside of ourselves and applying it to our own lives and be the role model for ourselves and then we can go out and maybe expand into our relationships and to our groups and our communities and society and truly make a difference.

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